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Lakeside Home ver1.1

PostPosted: Fri May 13, 2011 12:11 am
by Emma
Lakeside Home ver 1.1

Video walkthrough


Location:  On the Black Road west of Chorrol, close to the border, located at a small pond with rowing boat and pier.

Rooms:  The house contains a combined livingroom-and-bedroom, kitchen and diningroom and additionally a basement with twinbedded guestroom/study and storage space.

Storage:  40 non-respawn-containers (many of them 'mini-barrels so they won't take up any valuable space) in the main cottage and 53 non-respawn-containers in the basement.

Special  features:  Bread oven where you can bake 3 different kind of breads, Kegs with wine and beer in the basement, Alchemy desk in the basement study, Altar of the nine upstairs.  Extra fireplace in the basement, suitable for crafting. The fireplaces can be lit and turned off. Daytime window-lights. The house is lore-friendly and companion-friendly, fully path-gridded and has persistant beds and chairs that  companions can use.

New  in ver 1.1:
 - Outdoors forge and useable anvil for repairing.
 - A chest in the basement with "Companion keys". Put a key in your companion's inventory and you will get access to bonus dialog, allowing you to send the companion to various part of the house or to take a walk outdoors.
 - Respawning trashbin in the basement.

Buyable:  You can buy the house at Chorrol Northern Goods and Trade.


New!  Optional COBL-addon

The following things have been  incorporated:
 - The Luggage - is located in the basement bedroom, at one of the room dividers, but is only available if you have found the original Luggage in Anvil.
 - Alchemy sorter - is located in the basement bedroom at the alchemy desk.
 - Dinnerplate is placed on the dinnertable in the diningroom.
 - One of the kegs in the basement will give water if you are using a survival mod.
I have choosen to make a COBL-add-on instead of a full COBL-version.  My main reason for this is that I tend to continue to tinker on and improve my mods, and then I don't want to have to alter two esps.
Obviously, the add-on has to load AFTER Lakeside Home, else many of the COBL-functions won't work.