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[REL] £exa's Dwemer Resources - Exterior Ruin Signs

PostPosted: Tue Jan 10, 2017 7:59 am
by £exa
Title: £exa's Dwemer Resources - Exterior Ruin Signs

Version: 1.00
Author: £exa

You can download the archive here:
Ingame screenshots (created with the Plugin File in a Vanilla Morrowind,)

This small resource will provide exterior signs as new meshes and textures for all Morrowind Dwemer colonies. The signs are heavily weathered but still show the original name, e.g. "Arkngthand", in correct Dwemer glyphs. Each sign consists of a mount and the name plaque. The meshes stack so you can place and rotate them with little to no effort in the editor. The name plaque comes in five slightly different versions, one with undamaged glass, three with broken glass fragments and one completely without glass fragments.

The colony name inscription is a separate texture file, used as a darkmap on top of the base metal texture. That way you can easily replace the basic texture (and thus the look) of the plaque, without having to create several new textures with dwemer letters - given you can use NifSkope or some modeling tool to edit the meshes.

Regarding the ruin names I took the freedom to create Dwemer names for some of the unnamed colonies (like the towers at Dagon Fel) or those that are clearly not Dwemer names (like Odrosal or Endusal). Feel free to use them as you like:

Dagon Fel / Dumchaleft
Dagoth Ur / Vvarnak Zturand
Druscashti / Drungbthingth
Endusal / Kagrendumz
Galom Daeus / Kador-Umzanch
Odrosal / Mzindor-Kazel
Tureynulal / Kagrendahrk
Vemynal / Vholenzel

As to why I decided so... it just feels wrong to see some old, worn dwemer sign with something like "Dagoth Ur" written on it.

Now, this is a modder resource. Feel free to use it in your own projects. I created all the meshes, but take note that most textures are taken from Darknut's Dwemer Textures, and some (the metals) from other sources. I renamed the textures for my own now dead project, but still had the permission to use them. If you want to use the signs, you don't need to ask me. Just add the Readme to your project, that's all I'm asking for.

You will find a plugin file in the archive. That one is for the german version of Morrowind. It's meant to demonstrate how these signs can be used. You can load the plugin together with an english version of Morrowind in your editor, but some cell names will differ, so you will get error messages. I don't have an english version any more, sorry for inconvenience.