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[REL] POTD Paintings 2.1

PostPosted: Tue Aug 19, 2014 12:46 am
by Danae123
Title: POTD Paintings.


Version: 2.1

Author: Danae


Not a new release per say but I never got round to making a REL thread at GHF.
This new version introduces easels to the world hat allows the player to make their own paintings.


Download: Image

Adds 70+ unique paintings, each of them in 2 different sizes in various shops of MW
The regular paintings can be placed / rotated / moved
The miniature paintings can be placed on shelves and tables.

The paintings are screenshots taken by the community (see credit section for details) and were originally uploaded on
Planet Elder Scrolls website as Picture of The Day.

There are 3 esp. to choose from (use 1 only):

- POTD Paintings.esp: Adds the paintings to shops across the land. Traders will have paintings of their region.
- POTD Paintings-easels: In addition to the paintings in the shops, 17 easels have been placed across the land. With paints
and paint brushes (bought from Ravir in Balmora), you can create your own paintings. The easels disappear once the
painting is done.
- POTD Paintings-resource: Adds nothing to the game. The CS has a new cell called POTD paintings with all the paintings
as static objects. The miniatures are in the misc tab.

Unzip in your Data Files directory.

Delete the "-Dan" folder in the Icons folder.
Delete the "-Dan" folder in the Meshes folder.
Delete the "-dan" folder in the Textures folder.

Also delete the textures, and if you are sure no other mods in your mod list uses them
Delete the POTD esp you had selected

This mods adds items to a number of cells without touching anything in the cells so chances of conflicts are minimal.
I have not deleted or moved anything from the original game.
I have simply added a container (for the traders) and some miniature paintings in traders’ and pawnbrokers’ shops.

Known Issues or Bugs
Not a bug, but the script to place the paintings will only work indoors, because who hangs paintings outside.
Also intentional, using the easel to make a painting will take 2 hours, NoM users, do not start painting when you are on the brink of starvation.

Version 1.0: original release
Version 2.0: new paintings, new textures for the canvas
Version 2.1: separate esp., new easels to make your own paintings

-For the meshes and texures and script:
Tommy Khajiit for the painting meshes. Both can be foud .
Dracus for the painting script (to place/rotate paintings)
Silaria for the original paint brush and paint pots meshes that I modified to create new meshes.
Archange, creator of the French mod: La colonie Angelusienne for the easel mesh, also modified my me.
- For the sceenshots:
Bahamut, C.Mireneye, Dragynlord. Jaffah, Jermex, Krzymar, Mr Swiveller, MrBee30, MrKWmonk, MrTomnus, Murezor, Phal, Povuholo,
Skydye, Teclis, Vality, Vtastek, Vurt, Zackg, Zeroed
- Tools:
the Construction Set.
Brucoms's readme generator

Modify my mod, but credit me as the original creator as well as the people mentioned in the credits section.
Dropping me a line would be nice.

You can contact me (Danae123) at the official Bethesda Forums, Morrowind Nexus or Great House Fliggerty.