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I need help with companion dialogue.

PostPosted: Tue Mar 12, 2019 11:12 am
by MankeyMike00
I have a few issues with my mod. One is that I can't get my companions to wait. Two that all the NPCs in Morrowind want to travel together too. I put the greeting under Greeting 1 for my companions I made sure to filter it for just one of my companions and now everyone wants to follow me. It's ruining quests for the NPCs in the game because I can't get the quest at all. Third somehow my one or more of my mods is connected to other mods that are not related to them at all. I tried to delete the parts of my mods that are acting up and it interfered with other mods. Please help. Thank you.  :VivecSmile:y

Re: I need help with companion dialogue.

PostPosted: Wed Jun 26, 2019 9:42 pm
by LordXenophon
Did you also filter the follower's response to the "Travel together" topic?