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Myfarog based conversion wip

PostPosted: Fri Aug 25, 2017 12:50 pm
My friend and I have started work on a conversion mod for Morrowind.  It was possible influenced by the fact that my friend originally had interest in making a pc version of the table top game Myfarog, but when the creator of the game said he didn't desire it we instead decided to make a Morrowind conversion taking inspiration from Myfarog.  So far we are planning on making a "continent" possible a couple hundred cells by a hundred cells with a northern region resembling Scandinavia, a central region resembling the British isles and a southern region resembling southern Europe and parts of north africa.  I so far have worked on a small island's landscape, the island is based on Iceland, with some volcanos and so on.  We need help with things such as the races, that we plan to just make multiple High elf clone races but with different skin hues and heights.  Most of the terrain will for the sake of time just be copy-pasted with some slight differences added and some dungeons here and there.