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ESF Archive site

PostPosted: Mon Apr 21, 2014 8:44 am
by Leonardo
Have just notice that Yacoby's ESF Archive site is no longer active, because the account has been suspended.  Fortunately I could bring back the ESF Archive site via the Wayback Machine.

For those people who doesn't know what content the ESF Archive has is that the site is an online archive of forum stuff e.g threads, posts of the old Elder Scrolls forum from 2006-2007 I think.

However there is more than that the ESF Archive must now be visit via the Wayback Machine, but unfortunately all Yacoby's mods plus other stuff he had are now gone and I'm afraid all his mods is lost for good.

So if you have anything of Yacoby's mods stashed away then by all means upload it to MMH asap and it's a lot better if there are duplicates than have nothing.  :smile:

I can also confirm that TES Search is still working.  :D