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My Morrowind Mods

PostPosted: Mon Jan 06, 2014 6:47 pm
by CryptsOfTheDead
You have my permission to upload any of my "up to date" mods to MMH. Alteration of my mods (unless for personal use) or usage in other mods is strickly prohibited without my consent. In addition, I am no longer using my real name for my mods. Only CryptsOfTheDead. So, please only use that.
I apologize for any inconvenience.


Re: My Morrowind Mods

PostPosted: Mon Jan 06, 2014 9:21 pm
by Drakkmore
First hings first....


Have a Nanner  :dancing-banana:
or two  :nanadance:  :dancing-banana:
or more  :nanadance:  :dancing-banana:  :bananacheer:  :dancing-banana:  :nanadance:

Stay out of the punch.  :orcsword:
:samurais: No really the punch is spoken for and the owner hates when others mess with it  :ninja:
Watch out for owls. No body knows what they do or where they come from but they are every where.
and if you should ever find you self in that most horrible of places they call not here this will get you back in  :obliviongate:

No having taken care of that let me say:
:punkrock: Thank you very much for allow us to host your mods on MMH. :hoorah:
Though could I ask you if we could still host the old ones with the wrong email addresses, as MMH is a repository of all mods old, and new. The MMH admins can place your new contact information in the admin comments so people Downloading the mods can still have access to your new contact info, and to your old mods if they would like to use them still? If you still wish to have your old mods removed that can be done too, it is your work, and ultimately your decision.

Re: My Morrowind Mods

PostPosted: Tue Jan 07, 2014 1:14 am
by sassman
Welcome to Great House Fliggerty! :VivecSmile:y

Have a Fishystick!!!


And THANK YOU FOR SHARING your work with us! :twothumbs:

It is always nice to see the face of one of the Old Greats!

Re: My Morrowind Mods

PostPosted: Tue Jan 07, 2014 12:36 pm
by No One
No One welcomes you to GHF!  :mockery:  :mockery:  :mockery:

Re: My Morrowind Mods

PostPosted: Tue Jan 07, 2014 7:47 pm
by Spirithawke
Just a quick word to say welcome to GHF and thanks once again for letting MMH keep the old versions of your mods, and to advise that the current versions are all uploaded, and that old versions point to the current versions with admin comment links. Additionally, your Author Name was adjusted per your request on all the old versions.