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MASSIVE Hughesnet ISP IP Blacklisting Issue

PostPosted: Sun Aug 11, 2013 6:37 am
by KyleKatarn
Me And Atleast 20 Other Hughesnet Users IP's Get An

            403 Forbidden

When Accessing The Site From A Native IP, I Used A Proxy To Post This , So Here's Whats Happening

Hughesnet IP Are Routed Through 24 Different Sattilite Reciever Stations Across The Country, So It

Comp -> Sattilite Dish -> Sattilite -> Sattitlite Reicever Station -> Website And Then Reverse On The Back Trip
Each Reciever Station Is Routed Through The Same IP Range(Or Maybe Even IP), I Think The Stations Have A Limited Number Of IP's(Like 20 Different Ranges To Divide Users)

So Lets Talk Theory For A Second

1 User Gets That Stations IP Black Listed, Since Were All Routed Thru/On The Same IP/Range. We All Get Blacklisted.
Average Amount Of User Per Station Range(Average Users Per Range 5,000) So None Of Us Can Use The Site(And Many Other Sites That Im Working On Straightning Out The Issue With).  

So Could You Please Remove The IP

From Blacklisting So Me And My Friends Can use The Site, There Is An Issue With Trying To Download Through A Proxy, The Download Button Is Just An Image, It Doesnt Do Anything.

The Reason I Know Everybody's Being Routed is On Our Computers, Under Network Connections It Ways(Because Each Hughesnet Router has A Different IP Built In)

And IT Vary's By Router But When We Go To A Site That Tells Us Our IP, You Guessed It

And We All Get 403 Forbidden When Trying To Use The Sight Without A Proxy, We tested On 5 Different Computers To The Point Of IP Checking.

Re: MASSIVE Hughesnet ISP IP Blacklisting Issue

PostPosted: Sun Aug 11, 2013 1:46 pm
by Elaura
Jac and I are having a similar problem with Verizon Wireless and the website.  We aren't on GHF's blacklist, thankfully.  Unfortunately, not only do sites have blacklists, but ISPs do too.  This is going to be a royal PITA for the anti-spam brigade if all the blacklists are made useless by this shuffle.

FWIW, because of our TR issue, I checked our range of IPs and each of our most recent have changed dramatically from the usual range.  Anyone else who is having this issue might want to check their most recent IP against their usual range and see if there has been a recent shift.

Re: MASSIVE Hughesnet ISP IP Blacklisting Issue

PostPosted: Tue Aug 13, 2013 11:16 am
by Fliggerty
I've removed that IP and ensured it doesn't get blocked in the future by those who are accessing the site directly from the Hughesnet subnet.

Another Hughesnet Blacklisting Error

PostPosted: Mon Aug 19, 2013 1:50 pm
by KyleKatarn

Another Blacklisted Hughesnet IP, I'm Back To Using A Proxy, Fliggerty Could You Please Remove This IP From The Blacklist

08/23/2013                                                                                                                                                                                               10:14 PM

I just merged the previous topic "Another Hugesnet Blacklisting Error" to this topic "MASSIVE Hughesnet ISP IP Blacklisting Issue", because it was suggested that the topics are close enough in subject matter as to be nearly the same.


Blakc-Listed AGIAN

PostPosted: Mon Aug 19, 2013 6:31 pm
by KyleKatarn
Someone On The Hughesnet ISp Subnet Must Be Getting Block, The Server Gets Lists Of "Evil" Ip's From Major Blacklisting Sites So Maybe Disable That? But The Same IP As Before Is Blacklisted Agian

08/21/20013                                                                                                                                                                                                            7:32 PM
I moved this from " Blakc-Listed AGIAN" because it was a second topic dealing with the same issue made by the same member. I am asking the Member to please refrain from making new topics every time he gets black listed through his ISP


Re: Another Hughesnet Blacklisting Error

PostPosted: Fri Aug 23, 2013 12:51 pm
by Fliggerty
I don't see that IP in the blacklist anywhere....

Hughesnet Black Listed Agian Black-Listed Agian

PostPosted: Sat Sep 28, 2013 9:25 am
by KyleKatarn
I Got Blacklisted Agian, I Havent Been On The Site For A Month(And I Wasnt Listed When I Left)

Here's What I Told Hawke

''Hughesnet Routers Have An ''Internal'' IP Of Yet Any Site Says My IP is '''' And That Changes At Random. Here is How Hughes Sattilite's Work''

''My PC -> Sattilite -> Ground Station(Where My Subnet Comes From) -> Website - Ground Station(Where It Sends It To The ''Internal IP'') -> Sattilite -> My PC''

''Very Confusing Isnt It? So Basically If Someone At The Same Ground Station Gets Blocked(Around 10k - 30k People Per Station) We ALL Get Blocked
Most People Use Sattilite To Commit Crime For THAT Very Reason
So They Ruin It For The Rest''

Drakkmore                                                                                                                                               6:19PM CDT   09/28/2013
Merged this thread to the "Massive Hugesnet ISP IP Blacklisting Issue thread as it is from the same poster, and suffering the same issue.
I see no need for this user to constantly make a new thread every time this happens.

Re: MASSIVE Hughesnet ISP IP Blacklisting Issue

PostPosted: Sat Sep 28, 2013 4:27 pm
by Drakkmore
Neither of those IPs provided by you in the last post are in the site IP banning list.
Your issues must be coming form elsewhere.
Rest assured this is being looked into by those that can look int this beyond my meager abilities.

Re: MASSIVE Hughesnet ISP IP Blacklisting Issue

PostPosted: Sun Sep 29, 2013 1:20 am
by Leonardo
KyleKatarn wrote:<snip>

Are you using a router or perhaps a proxy for internet connection?  If so then try to plug out the router or the proxy for 15-30 minutes and try again to visit MMH.  You can always check your IP with this Blacklist Check list.

The reason I mention this is because a member at the officials was IP-banned when visiting the BSF forum and solve it by plugging out the router/proxy for 15-30 minutes before trying to login again on the BSF forum.

Re: MASSIVE Hughesnet ISP IP Blacklisting Issue

PostPosted: Tue Oct 01, 2013 3:15 pm
by Fliggerty
Yeah, once again I don't see that IP in the list.  I have recently changed some of the limits for shared IPs (yes, I can determine those to a degree) to help alleviate such problems.  What exactly is happening when you can't access MMH?  What error message is being displayed?