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If Census and Excise is causing CTDs

PostPosted: Sun May 23, 2010 2:29 pm
by Fliggerty
To ease the burden of our generous Census Agents, I think it would be best to establish some basic support guidelines for those who are experiencing CTDs and other such problems with the Census and Excise Office mod.

Before asking for assistance, please verify these basic things:

  • Use the newest C&E version (current version is 1.3 this post updated 6/03/10)
  • Ensure that you are using MWSE v0.9.4 or later, or MGE 3.8.0b or later (most reports state that MGE 3.8.2 revision 175 works well with C&E.)
  • You should be using Morrowind GOTY or have installed the BLOODMOON PATCH v1.6.1820 with both expansions running.
  • If you are using either Windows Vista or 7, move your Morrowind installation directory to anywhere other than Program Files or Program Files(x86.)
  • Also if using Vista or 7, ensure that you have administrator privileges (perhaps turn off UAC entirely) and try running Morrowind in Windows XP compatibility mode.
  • Try turning off the kill detection scripts; these are commonly reported problem scripts.  Enter this command in the console:
    Code: Select all
    StopScript fl_cne_monitor_kills

Once you have verified all of these, please feel free to ask for assistance.  Make sure you mention that you have verified this.

Thank you for helping us provide the best assistance possible to everyone!