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Darknut's Dwemer Ruin Textures

PostPosted: Sat Oct 03, 2009 8:45 am
by Darknut
Darknut's Dwemer Ruin textures
Author: Darknut


Yet another texture replacement for Morrowind

By Darknut   7-19-07 Updated 1-23-2010 ... added the tribunal Dwemer Textures

This mod replaces all the default Dwemer Ruin textures in Morrowind & Tribunal

There have been many good Dwemer texture replacements but I find I like the original rundown ruin look the best.

my goal here was to add more detail to the MW textures while keeping the feel of the original.

Like my Armor textures these textures are much higher detailed than the originals, & similarly none are larger than 512 x 512.

I used the same technique on these as I used on the Armor textures


Just copy the ones you want to use to Morrowind/Data Files/Textures/

Tribunal changes the look of one texture "" The tribunal version is in the Z-alt folder

Have fun.


Please do not upload this anywhere else.
Please ask Me before using this in another mod.