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[RELz] Shortchanged v1.2

PostPosted: Sun May 17, 2015 1:46 am
by Danjb
Title: Shortchanged

Version: 1.2
Author: Danjb


Changes a number of game setting to make it much harder to accumulate Gold.

I always found that Gold quickly became meaningless in Morrowind. Why would anyone think twice about paying 20 Gold for a Silt Strider when they have tens of thousands in their pockets? This mod makes the game a lot more challenging by making Gold much more valuable.

Details of the changes I have made are listed below. Note also that the readme includes a guide to customising these values to suit your preferences.


- x2 Enchantment cost
- x2 Training cost
- x5 Travel cost (Mage Guild and Silt Strider)
- Crimes now result in larger bounties:
- Trespassing: 200
- Pickpocketing: 500
- Theft: 2 x [item value">
- Assault: 1000
- Murder: 3000
- Thieves' Guild discount for clearing your bounty reduced by 50%
- Home-made potions are worth 50% less
- Merchants will offer 50% less when buying items
- Merchants take 3 days to restock their Gold
- Merchants' dispositions will drop by 2 when an offer is refused

When someone told my naive younger self that this mod breaks Morag Tong writs, I was quick to dismiss their comment - but they were right! This long-overdue update fixes this.