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Spirithawke's Mods, Small Tweaks, and Fixes

PostPosted: Tue Jan 28, 2014 1:09 am
by Spirithawke
This thread will be for listing everything I have done in one easy to find place as was requested by several people on the forums.

Mods on GHFDL:

Animated Morrowind Ideas Teaser v1.0
During the discussions on the TES forums, I picked up a couple ideas, and had some of my own, on things that could be done to make Animated Morrowind a better mod. So I worked on making those ideas a reality. This teaser is a proof of concept of those ideas. Implemented the following things:
1. A quieter eating and drinking NPC. Used Audacity to change the volume of the sounds, and then NifSkope to edit the nif and associated kf file so those sounds would be able to be in game. Thanks Arcimaestro Antares for telling me how!
2. A script that can be attached to miscellaneous items/ingredients that lets those things appear and disappear when a specific NPC appears and disappears. I attached it to a piece of hound meat in Balmora Council Club.
3. A script that can be attached to containers that enables and disables another item/static based on the contents of the container. It also makes the container itself appear and disappear when a specific NPC appears and disappears.
4. A simpler script that makes a container itself appear and disappear when a specific NPC appears and disappears as well as make the container appear and disappear based on its contents.
5. A couple new meshes for those containers. These new meshes came about for a couple reasons. The main reason for them was to be able to have a complete set of dinnerware placed and only need one script to control it versus making unique ID plates & forks & spoons & knives in the CS for each NPC and then rewriting a script to control all those new items. I judged it simpler in the long run, and better for performance, to have a combined mesh and then modify one script. There are currently 2 dinnerware sets, one fixed bowl mesh for the beggar's gold, and one new gold mesh for the static that displays with the bowl if the bowl has gold present. One new gold mesh for a container that looks like gold scattered at a beggar's feet. All of these meshes use stock Morrowind textures and so WILL be affected by texture replacers. All of the meshes have had a touch bit of optimization done to them in Blender (mostly duplicate vertices removed from the original Morrowind trishapes).

To see these ideas in action, go to the following places:
Balmora Council Club to see the new Dunmer NPC with quieter sounds, his special dinnerware set, his special piece of hound meat that also appears and disappears, the beggar NPC that I also put there to demonstrate his new bowl and gold at his feet. The NPCs and their items will be present (maybe...randomness factor involved, 70% chance) from the hours of 9 AM to 8 PM
Gnisis Madach Tradehouse to see the Orc NPC with his own dinnerware set, placed where I think one would look best if the one in Balmora Council Club is replaced with a Dunmer. I ended up placing him at the bar because if he is placed at a table, one of his feet would clip into the floor. The chairs for the tables are shorter than the barstools *frowns*. He and his dinnerware will be present (maybe...randomness factor involved, 70% chance) from the hours of 8 PM to 4 AM. Remember, the NPC's appear and disappear on cell change, so you have to exit and re-enter the building they are in to trigger them to change state!!!

Special Note: All of the new containers in this mod are INTENTIONALLY NOT SET WITH ANY OWNERSHIP so you can play with them and have no adverse results. I also set them as Organic (sorry no free storage here), and to Respawn (sooner or later the beggar would get more gold, the eaters would get more meat to eat if this was real life). I will note that it is possible to restock them sooner if the scripts on them were added to, but this way it happens eventually with a bit less overhead. If you want to play with them and see the special meshes pop back sooner, open the console, type the following:
For the beggar bowl: a1s_Beggar_Bowl->AddItem "gold_001" 1
For the gold at the beggar's feet: a1s_Beggar_Gold5->AddItem "gold_001" 1
For the Dunmer's dinnerware: a1s_Eater2_Dinnerware->AddItem "ingred_hound_meat_01" 1
For the Orc's dinnerware: a1s_Eater1_Dinnerware->AddItem "ingred_hound_meat_01" 1

I freely donate the parts I made myself to the Morrowind Community as a resource to use as they like (and really hope they do so!!!), all I ask is credit for my own work. For other parts, see Abot (eater and beggar scripts) and Arcimaestro Antares (NPC meshes, NPC Items, Sounds, original concepts).
Free to use:
Meshes: a1s_Beggar_Bowl.nif, a1s_Beggar_Gold5.nif, a1s_Bowl_Gold4.nif, a1s_E1_Dinnerware.nif, a1s_E2_Dinnerware.nif
Scripts: a1s_Eater_Dinnerware_S, a1s_Eater2_Dinnerware_S, a1s_Eater2_Meat_S, a1s_Bowl_Gold4_S, a1s_Beggar_Gold5_S
Sounds: a1s_EatSound2.wav, a1s_DrinkSound2.wav

There will be no further development on this at this time, as I cannot see the sense in starting a Fourth branch (yes, there are currently 3 other branches that I am aware of) of Animated Morrowind, especially when Abot is doing such fine work on his Animated Morrowind Merged.

This plugin has been verified clean with Tes3cmd.
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EditorMarker with Collision v1.0
There are times when you are using the ExplodeSpell function, you want an invisible activator to use with it. Most, if not all (was not going to look at every nif possible) of the nifs that are visible in the CS and invisible in game, do not have collision. If you use one of these nifs with ExplodeSpell, you will get an error similar to "Scale parameters for Magic Effect Fire Damage are bad." while in game. My solution, give the current Editormaker.nif collision. I gave it a very tiny collision box...the collision box lets ExplodeSpell function and not give you that error, and yet you can see it and move it around in the CS. I placed the collision box at the very bottom of the marker itself (the thing is VERY tiny, maybe 1/100th the height of the whole marker). You can put it on walls, the floor, the ceiling, and the player should not get stuck on it. If you place it in mid air where the player would want to walk through it, they can and will get stuck on it. I have included a simple CS only esp with an ID of a1s_EditorMarker in the activators tab for modders to use if they wish.

The resource esp is verified clean with Tes3cmd.
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No Ashstorms AL&MA v1.0
Gets rid of Ash Storms in the Ashlands and Molag Amur regions via the modregion command in a startscript.

This mod is Tes3cmd verified clean.
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Owned Beds v1.0 beta
Changes the Bed_Standard script to give you a warning if the bed is owned by a person or a faction. You may then decide if you still want to sleep in the bed or not. In addition, if the bed is owned by a dead person, it will replace the bed with a new un-owned bed. This mod will only affect beds that use the script Bed_Standard. Mod added beds WILL be affected IF they use this script. If a bed is faction owned, and you have the right to use the bed (you belong to the faction and meet any needed rank requirements to use the bed), you will still see the message. There is nothing currently I can do about this unless MWSE itself is changed.

This mod is Tes3cmd verified clean.
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Prison Moon Enhanced II v1.0
Complete remake of the original Prison Moon Enhanced by Nahtaivel. Makes the Ministry of Truth in Vivec more interesting by adding a number of rocks that orbit the Ministry of Truth itself.

Things changed from the original and the reasons why:
The original had some issues when I tried it out. I realize some of them are easy fixes for modders to make, but not everyone is a modder.

1. The nifs had bad texture paths.
2. They used a custom texture, which was just a copy of the Ministry's default texture with a new name, and so would not change with texture replacers. Now they will.
3. The orbiting rocks all used one mesh (terrain_rock_01), in two size variations. I use 6 different rock meshes and sizes for them, for variety. Those 6 rock meshes are modified Bethsada meshes.
4. Several of the rocks clipped each other as they orbit. I spent MANY hours of fiddling with the original setup. Once I realized why the rocks were not reacting correctly when I made changes, I gave up in frustration on the idea of a simple fix, and decided to just remake it the way I felt it should have been done in the first place. The author used some wild translation rotations in the CS to achieve his rock orbits. In fact, if you load the mod in the CS, you will note that the rocks are not in the same orbits there as they are in game. I now believe this is due to the fact the game do not really know how to handle all those rotations correctly. This problem is kind of noted in MWSFD by the way. fix was to make the translations part of each rock mesh itself in NifSkope. Now the game and the CS agree with each other as to WHERE the rocks are, and they no longer clip each other.
5. I was not happy with the original sound, nor with its trigger in the script. I am using a stock wind sound that I think is better for immersion, and am using a different trigger for that sound.

You can watch a preview video of this mod on YouTube.

This mod is Tes3cmd verified clean.
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For those interested...Lougian asked for permission to make compatibility patch for his Ministry of truth Bump mapped that he recently released. I said sure go he did it. Get it there.

Simpler Cliff Racer Slaughtering v1.0
It was mentioned on the official forums some people would like cliffracers with a larger hit box. This mod does just that. Now you should be able to easily kill a cliffracer with a dagger, or pummel it into submission with your bare fists.

This mod is simple mesh replacer and so do not need cleaning. The meshes use default textures, so your texture replacers will still affect them.

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Skill Progress v2.0
This mod adds a scroll to your inventory called "Progress Notes." It contains a list of all skills, and how much each one has increased since you last levelled up, as well as tells you the totals of the skills as they relate to a stat and the total skill points increased overall. The skills in this version are grouped by the stat they belong to such as Strength. I have also tried the best I may to make the numbers into a column, sadly the game do not support such things well. Included is a version tweaked a little bit for those who use Better Dialogue Font by Hrnchamd.

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Solstheim No SnowStorms v1.0
Changes the weather percentages to not have any snow chance on Solstheim via the modregion command in a startscript.

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Spirit's Bound Armor Correctors v1.1
This mod corrects the bound armor to be heavy or medium armor (dependant on which esp you activate) instead of light armor. A CE feather effect is added to each item so that the only difference is which skill improves, not how much you can carry. A light armor version has been added due to my becoming aware of a bug where your skill in light armor does not affect the armor rating of the armor due to it being weightless.

This mod will be incompatible with any other mod which modifies the bound armor pieces and or their associated enchantment spells.

This mod is based on the description of HG Bound Armour Corrector by Holy_Handgrenade. That mod has went missing, and so I have recreated it here with the addition of a medium armor esp option for those who wish it and the light armor esp option bugfix.

All plugins are Tes3cmd verified clean.
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Spirit's MGSO Daedric Armor Fixes v1.0
When using the Morrowind Overhaul - Sounds & Graphics v3.0 The male daedric cuirass and the daedric gloves do not use the MGSO updated textures. Spirit's MGSO Daedric Armor Fix.esp fixes that. I am also including in this my previously released on the forums fix for the a_daedric_cuirass_f.nif where the nif points to TX_A_daedric_grieves00_glow instead of

This mod is Tes3cmd verified clean.
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Tools and Utilities:

Morrowind Script Highlighting Definitions for Notepad++ v1.0
This tool is simply a script highlighting definitions file for Notepad++ for TES3: Morrowind scripts. I couldn't find one, so I made one. The definitions include the following:

-Construction Set v1.6.1820 functions

The syntax highlighting is for Construction Set v1.6.1820 and is as follows:

-command words such as Set are in blue
-functions such as GetItemCount are in light blue
-Begin/End and If/ElseIf/Else/EndIf/While/Endwhile words are in burgundy
-the words Long/Short/Float plus a few specials that need to be declared, like companion, are in light purple
-global variables like Day are in dark purple
-Return is neon green
-sEffect words are in orange
-Comments are in grey
-Numbers are in normal black
-Operators "- ! $ % ( ) * / + < = >" are in red
-Text delimited by double quote marks is in green

I have left the comma out of the operators list on purpose. This is so that if one of the keywords do not highlight, it will remind you to get rid of that comma. I did it that way because of recommendations in Morrowind Scripting for Dummies. Also, if a word that should highlight do not, make sure that you spelled it correctly, and that it has spaces on either side of it (note that operators do not need this, so the "fix" -> will allow keywords to highlight correctly)

I have set this up so that you can collapse entire If and/or While blocks. ElseIf and Else do not collapse separately. Due to changes in Notepad++ the idea used by misterMcCoonie of ;snip ;snipend no longer functions the same, you would have to use a different character such as # instead of the ;. Since I am sure someone would forget to take those out before trying to compile the script, better to not have them and not get blamed. Collapsing entire IF blocks serves the same purpose.

Things I have done that are not currently on GHFDL:

Spirithawke's Glassed Bookshelf Resource Screenshot Standard bookshelf I started with on the left, glassed in version on the right. The glass is from Redguard Slayer's glass wall resource.
NifSkope Scalable Slaughterfish Bethsada model was fixed for Stuporstar and UL. Modder Resource. A giant slaughterfish swimming around in Seyda Neen harbor. I keep this running just for amusement
in_hlaalu_roomt_entry Fixed A fixed by request Hlaalu tile. Modder Resource.
Fixed Barter Icon
in_r_s_int_wall_01 Fix
ex_drystonewall_c_01 UV Fix, PPOF Patches, ex_nord_rock_01 UV Fix
in_v_roomhf_01 Tweak
in_cave_plant10 Fix
wl_hourglass.nif Fix No need to download this one, it is now in UL 3.2. Listed here for completeness sake only.
Vampire Embrace & Tamriel Rebuilt Sacred East Patch Still looking for more feedback on this one...

Things I have done (mostly small tweaks and fixes) that are attached to a parent mod as an additional file on MMH:

Ancient Headdress Fixed Temple nif.7z
Animated Morrowind - Expanded (Fixed).7z, & Animated Morrowind - Expanded MCA Patch (Fixed).7z
Dark Dragonbone Blade v1.7z
Herbalism for Purists v1.22 Fixed ESP.7z
MCA - TR Addon v7.1a.7z
pssorticon_fixed.7z & pssorticon_fixed_no_chest_changes.7z
Telvanni Door - Without Multicolored Handle II.7z

Any of my work on this page that do not have specific permisions in its readme (if it has one) can be re-used by modders.  All I ask is credit for my work.  If specific permissions exist in the readme, please follow those.
NOTE:  For some of these fixes, I would be thrilled if they were directly included in future updates to those mods that they were made for to make things more easy on the mod authors and mod downloaders.

Edit: Added Fix
Edit: Added Permissions Statement