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Castle Wars

PostPosted: Mon Dec 20, 2010 8:22 pm
by falador wiz1
Castle Wars V3
Castle Wars V3ultimate

Version: 3ultimate2
Author: Falador Wiz1
Falador Wiz1

8/6/13 - with this update there were a couple of fixes, mainly units not holding original position between round(they tried to follow you) that was fixed; and the reinforce enemy flag was fixed. make sure you delete the esp's from any previous version, reload your game, save it, clean it with wrye mash, before upgrading to the new merged plugin (though I'm sure you knew that) :D

with that are two new videos i made to help you guys out :D

completely redesigned battlefield - now an actual castle
- survival mode incredibly enhanced
- now 5 phases w/ hex edited menus for streamlined viewing
- upkeep phase
shows you current round, wave, and estimates expected oppsition; it then give you the repair and unit purchase menu which is now all random
- reinforcement phase
lasts a certain amount of time depending on your wave number; use this to set up your unit in strategic locations like the courtyard or archers/mages on the castle walls, set up flanks etc
- battle phase
let the battle begin and control troops like never before with all NEW orders; by default troops hold ground (for archers on walls, flanking parties etc), strategy is now crucial
- end phase
get your spoils and you now receive a total score that calculate how many reward tickets you receive at the end; unit are now PERSISTENT and are reset to their original position at the end of each round; with that units now gain XP based on kills and can become more powerful 'hero' units that glow at the next upkeep
- CONQUEST IS BETA use at your own risk ;p but survival alone is more than enough reason to give this mod a go

Melding the epic elements of real time strategy games and the epic world of morrowind is my goal. This mod aims to do that by creating something I haven't seen very often. A massive war mod in a sense. Only this is different. It requires a bit more knowledge than just hacking and slashing. Now YOU become the general. It takes place on an entirely new continent or should I say island chain. As the islands developed they became drastically different. This will make you decide do I want to capture the farmland to the south for more food or siege the city to the east.

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 21, 2010 12:57 pm
by Wolf
I saw this on PES a week or two ago.  
I love the idea.  I'll have to try it when I get back into Morrowind.

EDIT:  Oh and :Fishystick:

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 29, 2011 2:38 am
by £exa
Meanwhile there have been various updates (atm Version 2.85 at PES)

Has someone else experienced that this mod - especially the esm - is infested with many nasty "changed" markers on vanilla refs and various exterior cells all over Vvardenfell that seem to have absolutely no connection to the content of Castle Wars at all? The mod core file is very dirty in my eyes...

I'd really like to fix those issues (and some other things I ran into while checking the stuff for translation purposes) but of course this is not my project and releasing my cleaned up version would be... well, I guess you understand my worries. On the other hand doing this just for translation is a waste of time as when the mod gets updated (in its current unclean state) I would have to redo everything again. So I tried to contact Falador Wiz1 through PES Mail but got no response up to now.

Any idea how-to proceed? Or shall I just go on...

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 29, 2011 3:21 am
by Leonardo
I think you should wait and try to contact the author here perhaps a PM would be an appropriate thing to do.

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 29, 2011 3:26 am
by £exa
Yeah, of course - I thought about that before but:

The author's last visit here was 22 Dec 2010 - the PES account on the other hand seems to be much more attended to than the one here.

Anyhow I will try pm'ing though I fear it's pointless.

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 29, 2011 6:37 am
by Leonardo
What you could do is to start a request thread over at PES and one here.

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 09, 2011 12:49 am
by £exa
So finally faladorwiz1 responded - his pc is broken or so he said. I received permission to do a translation of CW 2.85 - Furthermore he stated that it would be a great idea if I do a massive merge/cleanup rework of the mod and fix everything I'll run into (if I can). I will then provide my refreshed version to him so he can take over development again when he's back.

Despite of stripping the mod down to the bones and restructuring quite a lot of things, I won't touch the way how it works - I'll just do polishing. Yet if there are bad script or other bugs I'll try to fix them during the process. If you know about certain issues, I'd like you to tell me.

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 22, 2011 8:23 am
by £exa
So, I'm going through the cleanup process at the moment.

Junk and accidently changed cells identified and removed:
100% (86/86)
Junk and accidently changed refs identified and purged:
100% (52/52)
Plugin ID restructuring and merging:
15% of references processed
Interior polishing:
20% of cells done
Exterior polishing:
10% of cells done
Script re-referencing:
0% (on hold)

Anyone here willing to test the result - when I'm done? :sheo:

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 22, 2011 2:34 pm
by Wolf
Id love to test it, but im busy for the first time in years :(.  It does look like youve made a significant amount of improvements though.  Exterior and interior polishing is my favorite improvement.  The interiors and exteriors looked too simple...

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 23, 2011 12:18 am
by £exa
Yes, but don't expect the result to look extremely different - the basic design will be the same. It's not my mod, you know... massive changes to the ingame design should be performed by Falador Wiz1. Yet I'm going to add decorative stuff here and there, but I won't spoil entire locations with my changes. As an impression of what I will do:

The main "Damp Cave" cell received some additional cave plants and mushrooms. I also added a bunch of rocks and repositioned some of the existing references in there (like flying plants, clipping doors and such). Finally I reworked all collision walls near the teleporter so that the player can no longer use levitation/jumping to get past them. In the Seyda Neen Train Station for example I reworked the dwemer bridge elements being used for the railway. Those "bridge" had large ugly gaps, being an eye catcher in a very negative way.

Overall I'm trying to apply changes in a way that makes them fit in nicely without destroying the original concept done by Falador. But my primary target is to get rid of junk and setting up a better structure in the cs. That will pay off when I'm going to translate the mod later.

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 23, 2011 5:32 pm
by Dragon_Lance
Very cool

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 07, 2011 1:46 am
by £exa
Castle Wars LX - Project Status Information

Meanwhile I'm through with interior cell refreshing. Now it's all about polishing exteriors and reference cleanup. I already removed a whole load of unnessessary LTEX Editmarkers (68 in total) and will rework landscape and texturing on almost every cell. Furthermore I added custom dwemer meshes (improves ingame look) and new semitransparent collision box meshes (improves cs work). The latter will replace tons of older vanilla collision boxes (Falador used about 1200+ of them in total). Those boxes had to be scaled while the new one is large enough. It should reduce the reference count on certain cells significantly (could be up to 40% or even more) so there might be room for further decoration then.

The reference cleanup eats much time... more than expected. Since it's not my mod I'll have to be very careful with deleting and/or merging references. The biggest pack (regarding CSID count and script backcheck) will be the NPC part I guess... anyhow I'm looking forward to completing this task in a short period of time so I can fully focus on exterior polishing and script backchecking afterwards. Those things I am performing occasionally atm - everytime I run into issues.

I'm not going to post my whole change log... that's a damn long list :sheo:
Anyhow, this is what I did so far:

Mod Core Filesizes:
  • Original Castle Wars 2.85 Version:
    CastleWars.esm (2096 KB)
    CastleWars - Updates.esp (754 KB)
  • after merging & conversion:
    CastleWars.esp (2287 KB)
  • Current file size:
    CastleWarsLX.esp (1549 KB)
overall size reduction: ~ 45 %

Junk and accidently changed cells identified and removed: completed
2 unused Interior cells were deleted entirely
86 Exterior cells considered as junk or bad were fixed:
false "cell changed" markers deleted
unwanted landscape modifications fixed
path grid change markers on certain vanilla cells removed
accidently moved refs reset to vanilla state

Accidently changed vanilla CSIDs identified and purged: completed
52 marked Vanilla Refs purged

Unnessessary LTEX markers purged: completed
68 LTEX Entries purged

Seyda Neen/Damp Cave Facility bugfixing: completed
all landscape and exterior reference editing prior to 2.85 removed
cave entrance recreated
all dupes and pointless objects deleted
various ingame display issues and bad path grids fixed

Interior polishing: completed
Damp Cave (purged junk, additional decoration, various small bugfixes)
Damp Cave, Hidden Chamber (polished/additional decoration)
Damp Cave, Hidden Facility (cell entirely redesigned)
Seyda Neen, Station (polished, display bugs fixed)
other interiors/objects/references: deleted, since permanenty inaccessible with CW 2.85

Plugin CSID purging/merging: completed
massive restructuring & renaming of all references
removal of old/outdated CSIDs / merging dupes
replacing unnessessary additional objects with fitting vanilla objects if possible
patching involved scripts
INITIAL CSID REC COUNT: 900 (without Globals & Scripts)
POST PROCESSING CSIDs: 538 (without Globals & Scripts)
~ 40% of CastleWars 2.85 CSIDs/RECs removed !!

Exterior polishing: 25%
various changes to a couple of cells (display bugs, landscape/tex, misplaced meshes, etc.)
additional decoration will be placed occasionally later on
7/27 exterior cells considered final atm

Script processing: completed
analysing and re-referencing Scripts (initial Script count: 236 )
removal of unused scripts
combining several scripts
bugfixing where it's due
additional: 13 (new functions / better handling)
modified: 133 (incl. renames + re-referencing)
removed: 103 (unused, merged or replaced by improved versions)

Global Variable Usage Backcheck: completed
Merging/Renaming/Restructuring (initial GVars count: 97 )
patching involved scripts
additional:  9 (used for new/improved functions)
removed:  35 (either unused, merged or made pointless through rewriting scripts)
Counter:   71 Global Variables remaining

Various other issues/bugs I already took care of:
  • Bad pathgrids in Damp Cave main cell fixed - now npcs/monsters should walk around properly
  • corrupted Leveled List for random enemy equipment (Heavy Boots) was not containing high level heavy boots but added another heavy cuirass to npc instead
  • a missing resource gatherer in one castle wars fort (instead there was a chest placed) has been added. I consider this being a bug or leftover from prior version of CW
  • certain reinforcement buildings and shop upgrades could be activated by clicking on the building/doorframe what is weird when there's a door to interact with.
  • misplaced door/doorjam/lights at Tower in Grand Tree Village repositioned
  • deleted lots of artifacts from prior versions that are no longer visible/accessible with CW 2.85
  • misplaced dwemer door (wrong rotation angle) near Fort Cragmoor now shows up properly
  • Dur-Za tells he wants 25 Drakes to be bribed - in fact he checks for and takes 100... I fixed that. He now properly asks for 100 Drakes.
  • various inaccessible doors could be activated (clicked on) but did not respond to player. Now they do.
  • fixed minor bugs in the warlog journal text
  • random bug in delivery quest reward script (if soldiers chosen as reward) tried to add real units (npcs) to player inventory instead of adding the carryable misc items - since questing was rewritten, this bug no longer exists.
  • key to "Damp Cave" entry door had a script attached that belongs to Dur-Za - dropping the key resulted in a "talking" key that re-started Dur-Za's dialogue menu, if you tried to pick it up.
  • various grass objects near Grand Tree Village (close to Dwemer Tower) were completely invisible
  • collision "hole" on western island allowed player to step/jump into the ocean
  • ugly crashbug in fal_cw_main script caused by pointing to wrong musicfile name (2.85 Version)
  • resource stagnation introduced in 2.85 Version made resource gatherer npcs not generate resources at all. Furthermore, even if they would generate them, the stagnation could be outwitted in cities by just taking food from the gatherer guy... then all stocks of the other resources could exceed the limit. That's impossible now.
  • if a city is under siege the corresponding resource gatherer will now stop gathering resources. This is only logical since an enemy at the gates will eventually start plundering.
  • food management script was bugged. If current amount of food was lower than requirement, starvation starts but the foodlevel is not reduced at all. Now if you run out of food, the stack will be reduced to zero during starvation.
  • arcane universities and the research center now both have doors/doorjams like all other upgrade buildings. A tower without an entrance seemed a little weird in my opinion.
  • ambushes now occour slighty less often (Chance reduced by 20%, checks&spawns once per turn)
  • the teleporter npc in the lumberjack camp near Grandtree Village teleported player right into a rock wall. These npcs have been removed since local landscape was redesigned and they're no longer nescessary.
  • recruiting an elite hunter unit in northern city archer tower was allowed although player did not have enough resources. Furthermore resource requirements for elite clerics in western barracks and elite adepts in southern University that were shown in menu have been lower than the actual requirements.
  • units could be transfered from one campaign to another through storing them in a container before leaving and restarting Castle Wars. This exploit will no longer work. Units can now only be used in the campaign they were obtained.
  • magic fountain in "Damp Cave, Hidden Chamber" offered vampirism/werewolf curses - this is considered as cheating and thus has been removed
  • infamous Bug in "CityAttacked" script fixed (appears if you own Winterhollow). If this city was targeted, you would not loose it, if you let time pass by and did not help the city. On the other hand, if Winterhollow was not the current city under siege, you would loose it no matter what, even if you successfully defend the real target.
  • A "City Attack" could be initiated on your home fortress within the first turn. Now within the first five turns random sieges are suspended.
  • Unique city upgrades (i.e. Archers, Arcane University, Barracks) were usable after the gouverning city was lost. From now on you cannot use these upgrade buildings if you loose the city but have to re-conquer it first. You still can use the Navy (shipmaster)...
  • containers in Fort Stormreach, the Assarrimisun Camp and Fort Northgate had ownership markers attached - since you're supposed to be a warlord and stealing is pointless during a Castle Wars conquest, all ownership markers were removed.
  • the old playerstats checkup routines and all related stuff from pre CW 2.5 Versions deleted (this alone renders 1 background script and 18 globals useless !!)
  • Levitation Blocking within Castle Wars is now handled differently. You can use items such as potions or spells to initiate levitation, yet the effect is instantly removed! Now it will no longer interfere with other Mods enabling and disabling levitation.
  • Defensive Forces were pretty bugged. For example, once you have recruited a "Defensive Force" it persisted after defending a city though the info says it shouldn't - a once built DF even persisted when ending and starting a new campaign!! Furthermore certain locations could not recruit a "Defensive Force" (i.e. Fort Stormreach & all four cities) and you still had to go to the city to tell the defense force that it should defend the city. The latter one more a thing of logic consideration, I decided to make the Guards self-defending.
  • cityattacked and main script will no longer interfere when loosing your last city (up to now the screen had been spoiled with message boxes). Now if a city is lost, an infobox pops up that has to be closed with ok. If it was the last one, the main script will wait with its "Game Over" dialogue until the infobox is closed.
  • Resource Gatherers now look less weird since I added all missing armor parts (greaves & pauldrons) to their inventory. This became possible, since they have no longer companion share enabled.
  • Imperfect-type Titans were too weak compared to standard mobs on higher player levels plus they didn't attack unless being attacked first. Frost Giant Titans were that weak as well, yet at least they attacked. This was caused by a fixed health/strength/fatigue setting and a non-attacking AI. Now both titan types will be adjusted according cw difficulty and they are very hostile. Prepare for something serious!
  • While a full victory nets you 2 Castle Wars tickets, ending "Castle Wars" right after beginning (just turn around and talk to the "End Game" NPC) without a single action resulted in a ticket as well. This made playing CW pointless. From now on you must have owned at least 3 cities/locations at a time during the conquest to get a reward ticket.
  • Fixed Bugs in Starvation... Number of Turns left showed 1 Turn more than you actually had. Furthermore Starvation was not resetting after food supply went back to normal. So once your people were staving the turn counter state was kept until you started a new game. Now you need the same number of turns with normal food supply your people suffered starvation to put that counter back to zero. So after been in starvation for three time (= 6 turns) you will need another six turns of normal food supply to get the counter back to zero.
  • Shipmaster in Fort Cragmoor told he could take you to the western island. This was wrong - he offers transport to the northern island instead.
  • Ship Battle and Turn/Food scripts interfered due to forced setting of GameHour to 0 at the beginning of a ship assault. Depending on what the time was before the battle various turncounters would have stopped counting until GameHour reached its pre-battle value. This led to a turn of variable length (up to 20+ ordinairy turns) during which all the game mechanics like resources and food consumption would have been suspended. Now i fixed this. The game time is preserved and will be set back to this value once you leave the shipfight while during a ship battle, ingame time will be suspended for stability and safety reasons.
  • Resource information for western mine was inconsistent: the first info box told that the mine produces 6 units of Wood and Metal each but after conquering it only produced 6 Metal (and tells so). I fixed that but changed the resource of the western mine so that it will now produce 3 units of wood and 6 units of metal. The reason I decided so, is because the western mine is harder to conquer (has more defenders) than the other mines.
  • Shipfight Deadlock and various other issues solved. When attacked while fast travelling by boat, the combat never ended since the script that was supposed to end it wouldn't be running anymore (local script on shipmaster npc who does not teleport with player won't be executed after warping the player to the shipyard). Furthermore the spawning of Frost Giants was possible though they got terminated immediately by their own local script. This bugged the death counter being another source of evil. To add more to the list, it was possible to kill the shipmasters. Altogether pretty buggy so I re-did all the scripting for ship assaults and now they work similar to the technique I already used for city battles and sieges. So a common control script (being started by all shipmasters) will handle the ship travels and ensure that everything works as intended and the shipmaster now gets resurrected if killed. And the time setting bug was fixed... phew.
  • Random Doors Cell Change Exploit - you could leave and reenter a cell to reset all the random doors to gain more food. Very profitable in cells with plenty doors within a small area like Winterhollow or the start fortress. Now you must leave the cell and come back during a new turn to make those doors respawn.
  • Damp Cave Boss occasionally felt through the floor when dying. This was caused by a bugged collision/havoc setting in the mesh. I removed the junk parts and put the reforged mesh in a new meshes\fal subfolder (that's where all meshes needed by CW3 will be).
  • Damp Cave Boss & Sapper Explosions looked weird (using Dwemer cavein mesh with boulders)... i added a custom version of this without the rocks and put the explodespell from from the sapper to the dwemer boss explosion as well.
  • Both elite and normal types of either clerics and healers were unaffected by the upgraded health, weapons and armor of your research center - for weapons and armor it's ok, yet not for health. Furthermore all allies suffered great health losses when playing on the high difficulties - as this renders them nearly useless (an enemy would need two hits to kill them while they need 50 hits to kill an enemy) I decided to rebalance this in order to make allies more durable.
  • Fixed broken CoolDown for Clerics/Healers
  • Ally Healer AIBug - partly fixed through workaround. Healer Units had only tried to heal the player once (by casting heal spell)... if done, their AI in combat stuck - they won't cast the spell a second time. Yet if combat ends, they did react. I tried various methods, none seemed to be working properly. The only workaround was to add a scripted healing effect to all healing units. I added this to the common ally script.
  • Interaction with various Castle Wars npc (e.g. City Managers, Questgiver and End Game) was possible even when not in game mode. This has been fixed. This also applies to random doors
  • In survival mode, dropping more than one WP/AR Upgrade with a little pause could easily lead to overencumbered allies (they receive another set of daedric stuff)... I fixed this. Now drop another Upgrade and it will repair old (damaged) equipment to full health.
  • Fixed potential crashbug in quest package script. If dropped, the Script removed a certain amount of all resources without checking presence in player inventory. "Removeitem [id] [amount]" without having but one unit in inventory causes a CTD.
  • Game Resource Transfer Exploit fixed - you could have transferred resources from one campaign to a new one by storing the misc items in a container before ending the current run and starting a new one. Afterwards it was possible to pick them up to have an easy start. As there are portable containers or companions, that could be used for this, it wouldn't have been sufficient to remove accessible containers from the Castle Wars islands. After all, the best way was that resource "items" were removed from game. As a consequence quantities will be handled through global variables and you can only see the amount by opening the castle wars map (scroll), that will tell you various other stats.
  • Unending Battle Bug fixed - occasionally the enemy spawn marker stopped spawning before reaching the max foe spawn count - or an OnDeath did not trigger properly on a unit bugging the death counter and so you could never fullfill the nescessary condition to win the battle. Now a new backcheck ensures that as long as the killcounter is lower than the the spawn counter preset there is at least one enemy unit on the battlefield left. If not, the spawn marker will automatically detect that and spawn an additional enemy. So the reinforce flag is no longer nescessary - don't be scared, I leave the flags, just in case I failed XD Furthermore the spawn marker checks and actually tells the control script that the battle is over. Prior to that the battle control scripts tried to check this own their own. It seems less stable that way...

Completely new Features:
  • [DONE] Attackers/Defenders Count Adjust
    Castle Wars Difficulty setting now will also affect the total and concurrent number of spawned enemies during attacking/defending a city. This means e.g. if the defencer/attacker count shown in the stats requester shows 30+ then the count will be at least 30 but may randomly rise up to 40 (or even more on higher difficulty). Furthermore I modified the EnemySpawn Tech quite a lot to add special ruin encounters.
  • [DONE] Resource Traders
    Once you build at least two harbor expansions there will be resource brokers in all cities you control and you home fortress. These guys will trade fixed amounts of resources (food, wood, magic and metal). It won't be profitable though, since you loose 10 units of one resource and receive 3x 3 units of the remaining resources but if you barely need a special resource... with slavery being prohibited you cannot trade in recruits XD.
  • [DONE] Better Defensive Force
    Once deployed in a city/location, Defensive Forces will now drive away enemies on their own if the city is under attack and you either decide not to help or fail to arrive in time. Even if these guards defend your city there still is a chance (affected by difficulty setting) of loosing when you (as commanding general) are not present. If you are present and command the Defense Force they will win.
    After successfully defending a city your DF will be weakend. It could (and should) be reinforced for 50% of the normal cost since if not reinforced, a further attack will have a significantly higher chance of success. Anyhow, if a DF holds your city twice without being reinforced in the meantime, it will be destroyed no matter what leaving your city defenseless.
    Furthermore a DF will vanish if starting a new campaign, or if the city is lost (due to attack).
  • [DONE] Explorable Ruins
    exploring a ruin (each one can be explored once per conquest) may results in serious encounters or finding a valuable treasure (whole load of gold or resources). On rare occasions there may even be special ally units offering to join you, that cannot be recruited normally, like a demon or a titan - of course these special allies are very strong so you them in tough battles. There are twelve ruins spread across the islands. Exploring them is pretty dangerous since encounters are special in there. Unlike city battles (except deity mode) enemies can actually kill you plus you cannot flee the battlefield. You might bump into a handful of bandits, a pack of werewolves or a hostile army camp. You might even have to fight three or more titans at once which is not possible in normal fights. So enter ruins only when you're prepared to face death! If you manage to explore all ruins during your conquest, you directly receive a bonus Castle Wars Ticket.
  • [DONE] Siege Chance Adjust
    While normal difficulty setting doesn't affect the basic chance of enemies attacking a city it will progressively increase on higher difficulty now. On very low difficulty setting on the other hand it will slightly decrease.
  • [DONE] Additional Settings: Info Management
    Besides difficulty and Corpse Removal you can now toggle certain info messages such as food supply, delivery quest target, turn notifier and ambush random messages. Default settings will be that you only receive warnings when actually low on food, the quest target will be displayed on cell change but only once per turn or directly after reloading a saved game, the turn notifier pops up every new turn and random encounters do only have messages once in a turn. It is recommended to use this setting since spoiling a lot of messageboxes in random cases could cause unexpected CTDs.
  • [DONE] Better City Stats/Management
    The Stats-Info for attackable locations is now more userfriendly/readable. It's a common menu that shows the resource production and the state (none/low/high) of your defense for that place. Furthermore the Contruction Menu is improved - you will find the defense force here and in cities/your homefortress you can develop certain upgrades. You will now get a description of what the unit does before buying and the menu will finally show how many resources you need to create it.
  • [DONE] increasing Research Costs
    The costs for researching upgrades are now tier dependant. The first upgrade costs a little less than before while the third one became more expensive. Costs for the second upgrade remain unchanged. Anyhow, researching health upgrades will now require less soldiers but as a consequence you will also need food to upgrade health now.
  • [DONE] Conquest Death Counters
    The Map item will now offer new statistics: "Enemies slain" and "Allies lost" that will show a counter of killed enemies and slain allies for the current conquest. This will cover city conquering/defending fights and random encounters during travels.
  • [DONE] Deity Difficulty = Hardcore Mode
    Be warned - while on all difficulty levels you cannot actually die during city battles and ship assaults, playing Castle Wars on "Deity Mode" now is far more serious. Not only the enemies are harder and will spawn in larger waves but you cannot flee battles and you can die.
  • [DONE] Requester Hex'ing
    Various menus/dialogues/message boxes showing resource stats/costs look a bit awful due to continious text flow. It was somewhat quite a pain to read them all the time and so I patched a bunch of info and control scripts with a hex editor to make the text boxes they post more user friendly. See the result of this by looking at some of the linked or attached images in later posts.
  • [DONE] Auto Resource Stack Info
    The "Turn Change" message boxes now show current resource stacks (after food consumption)...

Further known issues (on todo list):
[Severity] ranges from 0 (a little nuisance) to 10 (game breaking)
  • Damp Cave Boss Movement sucks - Display Issue [5]
    The Dwemer Battle Suit Boss in the Damp cave rushes around like an epileptic guar on speed... I'll have to find a way to make this look better but that might result in removing the Golem and replacing it by some other dwemer beast.
    -> planned Solution: unknown so far

Re: Castle Wars

PostPosted: Sun Sep 18, 2011 12:11 am
by £exa
So, meanwhile I'm purging/reworking the NPCs. I should be through with that today so I can fully focus on scripting issues then. There shall be some quite nice improvements to Castle Wars... most of them will be of technical sort and cannot be seen ingame directly, but some will cover visual things. For example I am rewriting the whole resource part since there are some ugly bugs to fix anyway.

First of all, I changed the name of the resource "Untrained Soldiers". It's called "Recruits" now. Another thing is that the gathering of resources will change slightly. You still have to visit local resource gatherers but interaction will be a little different now:

The old menu box showed three Buttons: "Take resources", "Interact" and "Nothing"... the latter closes the menu, the first option captured all resources from the guy (though not telling you how many you got). I then wondered what the "interact" option might have been for - just to see how many resources the guy actually has? That's kinda useless. So I rewrote the whole thing and it looks like shown on the jpg image now. Just a small preview pic of the new resource gatherer infobox. Texts are not final yet, but just to show the tech/style and how it will look like.

I will keep writing my updates in the previous post.

Re: Castle Wars

PostPosted: Mon Sep 19, 2011 6:24 am
by Xar
Looking Great Lexa!

Re: Castle Wars

PostPosted: Sun Sep 25, 2011 2:26 pm
by £exa
Ah, there's a lot of progress - I won't repeat myself. Just look at the (now really grown big) update post if you want the details. The bugfix list became quite long ^^

I have finally finished the tedious restructuring process of all cs references. Now I can say proudly that there's not a single trash ref left behind. Right now I'm analyzing Falador's scripting - that's another awful task to do, but as you can see in the updated post, I'm on my way through his code. I'm trying to optimize/improve it where it's due and as far as I can.

Despite my prior plans I am going to add content and new features to Castle Wars... partly finished with it, but there's still a lot to do. I'll need time to purge and rearrange the scripting... but hopefully this won't take too long so that I can focus on polishing the exterior areas then.

28th Sep. 2011:
Oh well, the bugfix log and my to-do-list elongate more and more... hehe. I just found out that shipfights are pretty messed up - I guess I have to rewrite the whole scripting part for that as well, since it will never work the way it should if I keep current script design.

With such a fat bugfix/change list, I will raise the version number of my release from 2.85 to 3.00 LX.


Re: Castle Wars

PostPosted: Sat Oct 01, 2011 11:59 pm
by £exa
OK, I'm nearly through with the scripting (15 scripts are left to check)... anyhow I ran into two issues I need help with... ah, no - honestly it's not help, it's more that I need feedback from a different point of view here:

1. Combat Colors
I have the feeling, that it's confusing when you deploy forces on the battlefield and the enemy does as well. Especially if units of the same type like warriors or incarnates are spawned by both sides it is very hard not to hit your allies. It gets even worse when it comes to fighters who will wear armors of the same type in the end.

So - would it be good, to make the units wear something colored (e.g. a red or a blue skirt) that shows which side they belong to? All your units could wear blue, while the enemy units wear red - a skirt would be my first choice because it's visible even if the character wears armor. Enemy casters (as they wear different robes) could have a cloth helmet then - cloth helmets would look weird on armored types.

What do you think?

2. Combat Healing
Another thing is that a healer's AI seems stuck after casting heal spell during combat. While it works nicely off-combat, the AI seems to fail casting in combat and deadlocks  by either stop attacking enemy and do nothing at all or simply does not cast and continues attacking. I failed on finding a solution for this (the script works as inteded while the npc (and the player) is not in combat, so I think it's the engine that overrides here)... I added a scripted healing and a fake animation to simulate healing. Anyhow Morrowind doesn't play the cast animation at all. Damn I hate this rotten, buggy engine. I then added effects similar to the "sprigganup" but once in a while dropping these effects will cause CTD if you do it too often or if other effects run at the same time... so I removed them again. As ExplodeSpell does not work on neither npc nor player refs and the player cannot be forced casting a spell on itself, I threw away all those ideas. The only thing left seems to be a scripted heal effect (through ModCurrentHealth) plus playing a "restoration hit" sound. This at least works - but somehow it's awkward (maybe just in my opinion).

Anyhow there's a benefit using scripted healing. First you can receive more than one heal spell effect at a time (what makes it profitable to drop more than one healer). Second is that spell absorbtion will be ignored (I decided so, though I could have added a chance to the script) and you get a random amount of health depending on the healer's state (normal or elite).

Do you think this solution (ModCurrentHealth + Sound) is ok?

Re: Castle Wars

PostPosted: Sun Oct 02, 2011 8:32 pm
by Jac
Armies wear similar outfits for a reason, so I think having something that distinguishes the two armies would be appropriate. A skirt might help, but I think something higher up might be more visible. Then again, Morrowind doesn't give us many clothing options, so a skirt might have to suffice. I can't help with the healing though. Sorry.

Re: Castle Wars

PostPosted: Sat Oct 08, 2011 3:58 am
by £exa
Well, I'll be looking for some fitting gear then. As to the healing, I will use the scripted version. There seems to be no other way, unless using third party stuff. But I won't make the mod dependant on other than Morrowind GotY. If Falador decides so, ok... but I won't do that.

Anyhow, I'm working on ingame requesters atm... here are my latest ones - the research center and the apothecary in your home stronghold:

Research Center:


Now, don't these look nice?


Oh, and while I was at it, I rebalanced the costs of upgradíng at the research center - based on the resource amounts Falador took, I made the first level cheaper and the last level quite expensive. Increasing health now also costs food whereas prior to this it only required a lot of recruits. So, health upgrades are really expensive now. And I added the restore potion to the apothecary menu.

Re: Castle Wars

PostPosted: Sun Oct 30, 2011 12:42 pm
by £exa
Just another small update.

I'm completely done with the restructuring process now and everything still seems fine. Well, look at the fat post above if you want the details. Currently I'm focussing on TODO stuff that needs additional work - as I have have already finished the resource trader guys today three planned features and one visual issue remain on my TODO list:

  • Explorable Ruins (additional scripting + the ingame stuff)
  • Combat Colors
  • Remarkable Healing/Magicka Plattforms
  • Better Damp Cave Boss Mesh

And of course there will be exterior polishing...

Re: Castle Wars

PostPosted: Thu Nov 10, 2011 6:03 am
by £exa
£exa wrote:...remain on my TODO list:

  • Explorable Ruins (additional scripting + the ingame stuff)
  • Combat Colors
  • Remarkable Healing/Magicka Plattforms
  • Better Damp Cave Boss Mesh
The scripting for the ruins has been implemented and works nicely. You may run into encounters, find treasures (resources) or allies. If you encounter enemies inside a ruin, prepare for a bloodbath. These fights are pretty hard and can cost your life. Once you manage to win a ruin fight, you will receive a huge amount of resources, so exploring ruins is worth the risk. Not to mentiond the special ally units (demons and giants) you may win... both are in now and work. While allied demons resurrect like the enemy demons (they are as strong as them but always have a high end weapon), giants are different from titans. I decided to use an Ogrim as their mesh... but they are bigger, awfully strong and can regenerate a lot of health. Both types can tank against several enemies for quite some time. They are very powerful in combat and thus very valuable. Of course they do not benefit from the research center.

Meanwhile I have decided to drop "Combat Colors"... using skirts works nicely for warriors and some of the fighters but looks awkward on most other enemies, esp. the beast type ones. The only proper way would be to create additional colored versions for a whole load of different armor styles. I decided against it and removed the feature from my to-do list.

Same goes for the magicka/health restore plattforms. Since now explorable ruins work and give a bonus once you explored them all in one conquest, I think I can drop the idea of adding the bonus feature to the healing plattforms. New meshes for them are not needed this way, so this saves time for other things...

I still look for some sort of solution to the "Dwemer Battle Suit" Movement issue... It is ugly as hell and I really want a better animation on that mesh. If I don't find a proper one myself, the Battle Suit will be replaced by a unique "Imperfect" or a scaled Steam Centurion.

Now focussing on "Exterior Artwork"

Re: Castle Wars

PostPosted: Mon Nov 14, 2011 1:29 am
by sassman
You're really a Go-Do-'er, Lexa.  After listing out all the problems you found, I really thought it would take until halfway til Doomsday to get it done, if ever....

Way to go.....

Re: Castle Wars

PostPosted: Mon Dec 05, 2011 3:50 am
by £exa
Hehe, well... actually I found it most interesting to analyze this mod - and yeah, the "buglist" is quite a long one. Some of those bugs are hard to reproduce ingame, some (like false resource requirement checks) might not even be noticed at all. But I did my best to fix everything and hell yeah I put a lot of effort in this project though it's not my own. I was wondering myself if I ever would be able to finish it but most of the tech is "ready for takeoff" now. All that's left are two things:

1. exterior polishing/revision (I'm currently doing this)
2. Damp Cave Boss (still looking for a solution... *sigh*)

While reworking the exteriors, I will place the missing explorable ruins ingame (6 are already placed, another 6 will follow) and check positions of all placed items in the world. I will rework collision boxes and add decoration here and there. For example I placed a fat collision layer above the whole battle field. The reason why is simple... in case someone uses jump and has strength and the acrobatics skill on very high values, it was possible to jump on the surrounding wall and leave the battle field this way... same with the shipfights, where you could leave the ship by jumping above the collision walls.
Doing so and leaving those areas conflicts with game control scripting - leaving the "Castle Wars" area that way you would have been teleported to the start fortress. Not leaving "Castle Wars" area would not initiate the teleport but nevertheless the battleground/shipfight script would deadlock afterwards... this is no longer possible. It's still possible to jump over the collision boxes placed on the islands. I will not block that since it would mean to place tons of additional collision walls, plus jumping in the ocean during a conquest would only lead to the already mentioned teleport back to the start fortress. As that does no harm to the game controls, I will leave it this way.

Re: Castle Wars

PostPosted: Fri Dec 09, 2011 11:57 am
by Leonardo
£exa wrote:Well, I'll be looking for some fitting gear then.

Not necessarily in fact you could actually use different colors on the cuirass/helmet/shield or having some sort of unique arms symbol on the shield (I couldn't find a better picture than this from Oblivion).

Re: Castle Wars

PostPosted: Thu Feb 23, 2012 1:25 pm
by falador wiz1
Hows Progress

Re: Castle Wars

PostPosted: Wed Aug 22, 2012 11:30 pm
by Greendogo
Any news on this?  Is it being developed somewhere else?  All of those updates Lexa made look pretty awesome.