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TESView for Morrowind with the same GUI as TESEdit

PostPosted: Sun Aug 09, 2020 5:14 pm
by Leonardo
I know Arthmoor once and a while hinted that Elminister, the author of TESEdit, was working to add support for Morrowind in TESEdit, but as most people know that's impossible due what records each game has.

Morrowind - not FormID records
Oblivion - FormID records
Skyrim (SLE, SEE) - FormID records

But now someone posted a picture here showing that is indeed possible.  :wibble:

The TESview tool open up a lot of possibilites, but also render EE, TESTool, TESPCD etc more or less obsolete or outdated.  Perhaps a second golden age of modding in Morrowind have started.  We shall see what it leads to.