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Continuum: The Unoffical Morrowind Expansion

PostPosted: Fri Sep 06, 2013 10:51 am
by Midgetalien
-Morrowind Expansion-


For a while now I have been setting up my game, creating my mod list and getting ready to plunge back into morrowind. Part of this preperation has been to adjust, combine and clean various mods to keep my ESP's as low as possible.

As part of that preperation, I took the offical plugins, modder made variations of those plugins and my own modifications and combined them all into one mod. Since then I have had the odd request here and there to send people this plugin which I dubbed "The unoffical expansion".  Recently I have been thinking about this more and more and decided, there is enough content for at least a minior offcial expansion should Beth have ever decided to  do anything with their plugins.

But I didnt stop there, there were various mods which also fitted the criteria that could be considered part of an offical expansion. I talk of course about the multiple mods that exist that add in various missing Beth Meshes that were made and included on the MW, TRIB and BM discs but never used.

With this in mind I looked towards other things, such as the expansions and how they are intergrated into MW and vice versa. I also looked at mods that could be considered 100% lore correct; Mostly creature and armor varients.

In essence it is a compliation of BETHS plugins with fixes, and intergrations of its unused meshes. Theres also a little free-creation such as adamantium shields (beth has nothing for them but its seems that Adamantium should have shields!)

I present to you now, after my ramblings, the full changes/additions that the Unoffical Morrowind Expansion will contain.

11/9/2013  EDIT - After much after thought and disscussion I have decided to Focus ONLY on BETH-LORE. This being, only using BETH-Created mods and meshes. I want to create an unoffical-offical expsnsion so as much as I love things like Adamantium shields, the shields are not BETH-LORE. I also wont be adding/doing anything that is covered by the Morrwoind Patch Project or the Bloodmoon Patch. This is to prevent conflicts and duplications.


The Content:


Firemoth - Using Quorns changes Firemoth has now become more challenging, engaging and playable! Travel to the fort and fight the evil lich and recalim an imperial artifact.
Area Effect Arrows - Adding in the offcial plugin. A new shop with area effect arrrows.
Addamantium armor - The offical plugin, adding addamantium armor to various smiths in Morrowind
Helm of Tohan - The offical quest mod. Can you claim the artifact that enchanters would love?
Fixed Bitter Coast Sound - Adds ambiant atmposhere to the Bitter coast. This version removes the collisision from the dragonflies so you no longer get stuck!
Lefemm Armor Complete - The Female armor is no longer gender locked! Adding in male counterparts. Sirollus Saccus now sells Gold Armor instead of wearing it. Also adding female armor parts for chitin, steel, imperial chain, netch and imperial steel (These were included with the origonal Lefemm armor but not used)
Expnded Entertainers Clean  - Takes expanded entertainers and adds the choices to more taverns and inns!
Ultimate Master Index - Beths quest mod just got better! The master index is now glowmapped and the quest now finishes in the journal.


Stalhrim Spear
Stalhrim Shortsword
Nordic Silver spear - Mesh was made but never used!
Dwemer Longspear
Daedric Longspear
Axe of the Queen of the Bats
Wooden Crossbow
Wooden Bolt
Wooden Arrow
Steel Throwing knife Replacement (Steel throwing knife uses the steel knife mesh. Yet Beth made a steel throwing knife)
Iron Tanto Replacement (The Iron tanto in game uses the same mesh as the steel tanto. Yet Beth made an iron tanto mesh)
Steel Broadsword replacement (Steel broadsword uses the same mesh as the imperial broadsword yet enchanted steel broadswords use the steel broadsword mesh)


Round Wooden Shield
Ancient Nord Helm
Nordic Helm
MW Nord armor for Solsthiem
Dark Brotherhood  Armor on Vvardenfell agents
Upper arm meshes for orcish, Dwemer, All 3 bonemold armor and Templar Armor


Riekling scout
Centurian Archers for Morrowind


Tribunal Ingrediants for MW
Daedra skin is now available on suitable Daedra, as described in dialogue
Ghoul heart is now available on Ash Ghouls, as described in dialogue
Bloat (Bloated Morrowind + Bloat Mesh fix)
Secret Master Alchemy set now avalible in game (one of each spread over Morrowind)
Apprentice Mortar and pestle no longer uses journyman mesh. It has its correct mesh assigned
Journyman Calcinator no longer uses apprentice mesh, it now has its correct mesh assigned

Dwemer books new use the Dewmer book mesh
New wooden cups (2 types) added to levelled lists (the meshes were made and more loot is good :D)
Secret Master Lockpick and Probe now avalible in game (given as a theives guild reward)


Stalhrim Spear and Shortsword - Meshes were made but never used! obtained the same was as other Stalhrim items.
Riekling scout - new creature, Mesh was made but never used!
Round Wooden Shield - Mesh was made but never used! Carried by Rieklings
Indorial greaves - Why oh why were there none!
Nordic Iron Complete - A complete set finally!
Nordic Trollbone complete - Found on various bandits and hostile NPCs!
Tribunal Ingrediants for MW - Find some of Tribs ingrediants in MW Alchemist shops
MW Nord armor for Solsthiem - All of Morrowinds Nordic Armor/weapons will now appear on Solsthiem as well. Various NPCs will carry the new items as well as becoming avalible to find in loot!
Ascended Sleepers Robe - Ascended sleepers will have a chance to drop you their robes
Centurian Archers for Morrowind - Adds the TRIB dwemer to MW dwemer ruins
Nordic Bows - Nords of Solsthiem will now have access to the Marksmen skill! New bows will be added.
Dark Brotherhood  on Vvardenfell - Various dark Brotherhood members in MW (they havnt got the calass DB) now carry/wear DB armor
Addamantium shields - Addamantium now has shields! A round and tower version avalible.
Ancient armor drops - Draugr now drop Ancient Nord Helms
Nordic Helm - A none spiked version of the Nordic Mail Helm. Found in loot
Goblin grunts - Added goblin grunts (goblins with no armor) to various trib levelled lists
Daedra skin is now available on suitable Daedra, as described in dialogue
Ghoul heart is now available on Ash Ghouls, as described in dialogue
Heartwood is now available on Spriggans past level 3 (error in the levelled list)
holly bushes are now set to respawn
Horn Lily is now set to respawn
Riekling Boar Riders now have reflect removed. (niether boar nor riekling have this effect so why does a mounted one have it)
Nordic Silver spear - Mesh was made but never used!
Nordic Mail Shields - Skaal guards will carry the shields now.

Under advisement:
BLoated Morrowind - a few have reconmended that this be merged into the mod.
Unborable rieklings- debating on merging this one.

I've tried to avoide Main Quest effecting changes, alot of the ideas in this mod have come from other mods, some are direct mergers of those mods with this one.

Cany you think of anything else? Rememeber must be strictly LORE CORRECT.

Re: Continuum: The Unoffical Morrowind Expansion

PostPosted: Fri Sep 06, 2013 1:41 pm
by Drakkmore
Oh there is a Nordic Silver spear in the Bloodmoon BSA that never got Implemented either Might I request that that gets added too? I think it would be nice to see it in the game. I like using spears with some of my characters. And with the outcry for spears to be added to Skyrim I would guess that I am not the only one. The mesh name is w_nord_spear.nif .
I was planning on adding it to the game my self when I get around to making the Shinnied Silver Weapons: Bloodmoon Edition. that I plan on making, but it might be a while before I get around to it. Any way that is just a suggestion.
This would certainly be a welcome addition to my load list as it will save me some esp slots. I will be awaiting it's release.

Re: Continuum: The Unoffical Morrowind Expansion

PostPosted: Fri Sep 06, 2013 2:33 pm
by Spirithawke
Just out of curiosity, which Adamantium Shields plugin you using? The one by Dongle, the modified by Slartibartfast1 of Dongle, or the one by Turjan?

Re: Continuum: The Unoffical Morrowind Expansion

PostPosted: Sat Sep 07, 2013 8:48 am
by Midgetalien
The nordic silver spear will be added.

SH - Its the smoothed dongle ones :)

Updated the list with more implimentations. This are not BUG FIXES (leave that to the patch project) but rather tweaks that ingame dialogue suggests (in terms of ingredients), also set some plants to respawn and removed reflect from boar riders.

Re: Continuum: The Unoffical Morrowind Expansion

PostPosted: Wed Sep 11, 2013 11:08 am
by Midgetalien
first post updated.

Re: Continuum: The Unoffical Morrowind Expansion

PostPosted: Fri Sep 13, 2013 1:59 pm
by Midgetalien