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Staff Agency

PostPosted: Sun Sep 07, 2014 1:37 am
by Danae123
Title: Staff Agency

Version: 2.0
Author: Danae


Download: Image


The player can hire various staff through a new NPC in Ebonheart great hall.

To recruit your new staff, you will either need gold or items.
For example, to recruit a fisherman, you will need a fishing rod while to recruit a guard, you will need 600 septims.

Additionally, all staff members will have a monthly wage (200-400 gold) and will refuse to perform services until they are paid (they will stay where you put them though)

Once you have recruited someone, they will
:wibble:  follow you (to your home, presumably)
:wibble:  perform daily services
:wibble:  perform improved services after a pay raise.
:wibble:  carry and hold tools of their trade.
:wibble: share lore related to their trade.
As an example, to hire an alchemist, you need a mortar. The alchemist will then hold a mortar and give you a selection of potions daily. After a pay raise (from 200 to 400 monthly) the potions will have a greater quality. He will tell you about the alchemical properties of plants.

Other remarks:
:wibble:  each employee actually carries a number of tools, some of them set up as a shield, or as a light (those will be used in darker rooms), remove the items you do not want them to use from their inventories.
:wibble:  you can fire your employees at any time.
:wibble:  you can hire any number of the same type of employee
:wibble:  you can lower their wages back if you do not like their improved service.
:wibble:  the names of classes have not been changed: your staff is compatible with Archimaestro Antares's Bigmod (highly recommended).


Alchemist: gives a selection of potions.
Mage: spellmaking, travel to Mage guilds, random soul gem or scroll.
Necromancer: restores magicka
Smith: repairs, give a hammer
Healer: heals, cures and restores
Merchant: has 2500 gold to trade
Guild guide: offers travel to Gnisis, Molag Mar, Fort Frostmoth, Mounrhold
Ashlander scout: offers travel to the 4 Ashlander camps. Fully fledged companion.
Butler: gives a drink of your choice
Cook: gives food.
Maid: grooms the player (personality buff)
Farmer: gives a variety of crops
Miner: gives a variety of ores and gems
Housekeeper: adopts cats and kittens
Fisherman: gives scales and dreugh wax.
Dancer: is a ballerina.
Bard: plays songs
Gardener: gives potted flowers (harvestable)
Librarian: gives a random book
Courtesans: massages (restore fatigue, fortify endurance)
Herder: breeds guars, possibly a pack guar.
Hunter: gives meat and hides
Sailor: updates world map with port towns, sings for a beer.
Agent: fully fledged companion
Seamstress: gives shirts, creates new (female) outfits.
Magician: trades an empty soul gem for a filled one, enchanter service, fully fledged companion.
Trainers: ... Train.
Guards: ... Guard, companions

Unzip in you Data Folder. You will be prompted to overwrite the meshes, textures and icons folders. Do so.

None I can think of, no cell has been changed.
The items, dialogue topic have their own IDs
No ingame npc or object has been modified.

You can contact me (Danae123) over at the Bethesda Official forums, at Great House Fliggerty, at the Nexus and at Wolflore.