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Monthly Mod Roundup: March and April

PostPosted: Tue Apr 30, 2013 6:39 am
by Xar
Monthly Mod Roundup: March and April

The 12 Swords by Drakkmore
This mod adds the Twelve Swords of Power from The series of novels by the same name
written by Fred Saberhagen. Some are hidden...

Drakkmore's Ebony, Glass, and gems Made Shiny by Drakkmore
This mod adds reflections , Normal maps, and gloss maps to the vanilla Emerald, Rubies,
Diamonds, Pearls, Raw Ebony, Raw Glass, and the vani...

Caius Cosades Redux by Spirited Treasure
This mod Straighten's Caius bed. It picks up one turned over chair and one bottle. It gives
Caius a shirt and trousers and shoes. It adds a lantern to the out...

WoT: Callandor v1.0 by Kiteflyer61
This adds my version of the weapon Callandor from the Wheel of Time series of books.
It can be found in the throne room of Karstag...

Tax Collectors by Arcimaestro Antares and Jac
When you have your own stronghold, an imperial tax collector will appear there once per month.
You have to pay 250 septims per month. You may leave money (up to 6 months) to one of your
retainers, so they can handle the taxe...

Bedroll and Straw Beds by DonnerGott
This is a modder's resource that adds 6 variations of the vanilla bedroll. The modified bedroll
and mattresses have bottoms, now...

Ascadian Caravan by Crankgorilla
Travel to Molag Mar, The Pilgrims Rest, and meet with an Argonian operative of the Mages
Guild. A researcher for the guild has not reported in and concerns have been raised for his

The Tea Mod by Stuporstar
This mod adds 30 teas (including blacks, greens, and herbals) and 6 different coffees to the
game, as well as a few tasty treats. Each is an ingredient with unique alchemical properties,
and can be brewed into potions with...

Spirit's Bound Armor Correctors by Spirithawke
This mod corrects the bound armor to be heavy or medium armor (dependant on which esp
you activate) instead of light armor. A CE feather effect is added to each item so that
the only difference is which skill improves...

Morrowind Animated Main Menu: Towns of Vvardenfell by Xar
This is simply a .bik file that will turn the normal Morrowind Main Menu background into an
animated one. The views...