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Monthly Mod Roundup: February

PostPosted: Sun Mar 10, 2013 12:25 pm
by Xar
Monthly Mod Roundup

Better Clothes Bloodmoon Plus

SpiritedTreasure has released a very well done addon to Better Clothes. From her description:
I am Weary of seeing male "packages" on every female even after 10+ years. Weary of the Bloodmoon pants and shoes never being done after 10+ years.

This mod adds Better Clothes style female pants to all the pants.. It adds bloodmoon pants for males and females, It adds shoes for bloodmoon .. It adds the male and female expensive Mournhold pants ..

Silver Service Completion Set v1.1
Kiteflyer61 has given us a great completion to the silverware sets in game. From his ReadMe:
This is a modder's resource that adds pieces of silverware that weren't included in the original game. It includes a coffee grinder (both animated and static), a tea tin, a teacup and saucer, a sugar bowl, a creamer, a teapot, a pair of tongs, a scoop, and a funnel. All use vanilla textures and will change with texture replacers.

Uber Crystal Egg Hunt Display Resource

Denina has given us a much needed addon to the The Uber Crystal Egg Hunt
In her own words
"This adds 11 display cases with 15 eggs each for the purpose of setting up a
lovely display to your mod of choice (I will use it in a house mod). These are
scripted so that the eggs will automagically show up on the proper shelf
when you sort them. Lengthy Read Me outlining details and instructions for
use is included. I hope you enjoy the display.

Illy's Clutterwear

DonnerGott has released some awesome new retextures and icons for some of
Illy's stuff. From his mod description

"This is Mostly Illy's stuff, with my Icons and recolors, with some ground meshes
by Kiteflyer61. Taken from the Clutter Warehouse thread on BethForums. Adds
16 robes, some dresses and gowns, as well as some modern leather wear.
For sale in 2 pawnshops. Most items are female-only

Miscellaneous Items to Static Items v2.0
Denina's given us a very, very useful time saving mod

This is a modders' resource. I've taken all the miscellaneous items, plant containers and ingredients from Morrowind, Tribunal and Bloodmoon and made them static items. I've also taken all the liquor/beer bottles and made empty miscellaneous counterparts as well as statics.
This adds nothing to the game world. It's purpose is to save time while making other mods.
This only uses Bethesda's items straight out of the construction set so all the credit goes to them.

Inverted Vivec Gondola Dock
Just like the Title says, Donner has inverted the dock used in for the gondolas in Vivec and Molag Mar.

The Augur Moose
Another great mod by DonnetGott, The Augur Moose,

Adds a ship tavern that the PC can purchase that generates a weekly profit. There is gondola travel from a private dock at Ebonheart. The Augur Moose is located off the small, L-shaped island SSW of Ebonheart, in cell "Ascadian Isles 0, -15." There are a few regulars that populate the place; their names and stories might be familiar to you.

Temple Bath Houses
And another mod by Denina.
From the ReadMe:
This puts public bathing facilities in Vivec, Temple Canton, right around the corner from the north entrance to the Hall of Wisdom and in Balmora, it is inside the Temple. I tried to make this blend into the world as much as possible. NPCs should talk about it. Start with the Services topic in the respective cities.

Re: Monthly Mod Roundup: February

PostPosted: Mon Mar 11, 2013 12:11 pm
by Jac
You forgot the links, Xar. :mockery: Looks good and thanks to everybody that has shared their work with us. :sheo:

Re: Monthly Mod Roundup: February

PostPosted: Mon Mar 11, 2013 12:35 pm
by Xar
Whoops, 'thought I'd forgotten something. Should be fixed now.

Re: Monthly Mod Roundup: February

PostPosted: Mon Mar 11, 2013 3:14 pm
by Denina
How awesome! Everything released by other people last month I will be using in my next game. Now that's a great month of modding in my book.

I've been extremely busy with real life over the past few years and I missed out on a lot so I just want to say that I'm really glad there are others out there still modding Morrowind. Resources, mods and replacers are better than ever. Please don't quit! I still love this game very much and am very happy to still see new mods for it. :)