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[REL] The Pied Piper Of Morrowind

PostPosted: Fri Jun 29, 2012 8:13 am
by Kagz
Title: The Pied Piper Of Morrowind

Version: V1
Author: Team Effort

(2.55 MiB) Downloaded 426 times

.............................. The Pied Piper Of Morrowind .........................

Version: V1.

****** IMPORTANT ******

This mod requires Morrowind, Bloodmoon and Tribunal to run.

NOTE: There are, apparently,some minor differences between the various versions,
of the Bloodmoon.esm currently available.
("standalone" verson; GOTY version, Steam version, etc. -- probably file dates).
If you get an Error Message on startup about "One of the files this plugin depends on has changed..."

you can:

(a) Safely ignore it. It has no effect on gameplay;

- or -

(b) If that Error Message annoys you, simply load up the plugin in your Construction Set and save it,
without changing anything. This will make it compatible with your personal
Morrowind/Tribunal/Bloodmoon installation and eliminate that Error Message.

You should merge level lists with the appropriate program,
to ensure the meat and such shows up ingame.


This is a proof of concept mod, in that it contains things that haven't been done before.
Therein it's not all perfect, as ideas are being tried out for the first time.
Possibly in the future,the mod can be improved, we shall see what happens.


When i used to make stuff for the game years ago,
i always wanted, to try to make a Pied Piper type mod.
With all the rats i thought something could be done.
The problem then was, i didnt have the ability to do it.
So now i am doing stuff once again, after some years away,
i thought i would give it a try.
I needed the assistance of some very competent folks
and we have put this together.


The History.

Though it is not generally known,
Dark Elfs consider Rat Meat a delicay,
although Morrowind rats are not the best, taste wise.
So a dark elf, who was away to another land,
found out about this new strain of rats, that were partly tamed
and had very good tasting meat and other qualities.
He checked them out and bought a mating pair,
thinking he could bring them back to Morrowind and clean up.
Then he smuggled them in and started breeding them in captivity
and was making a fortune selling the meat,to other dark elfs.

Now because the new rats were partly tamed at one time,
they have some innate thing in their brain, that reacts to certain musical tones.
This partly pacifies them for a short time and makes them compliant.
So the dark elf had created a magic horn
and used it, to try to train the rats.

It all went wrong though, as over time the rats grew stronger
and started producing,a strain of White Super Rats.
The super rats were smarter, stronger, more cunning and intelligent.
Their meat was the creme and it sold for much more, than the other rats.
Over time, the super rats grew more intelligent and waited and planned,
for their opportunity.
One day the dark elf was going to feed them and he opened one of the cages wrongly,
all the rats inside, lunged at the door en masse and the dark elf was knocked down and out.
Then the rats opened the other cages and they all escaped down the drains,
to re-appear and establish themselves throughout Morrowind.

The native population of rats live in something of a harmony,with the invaders.
Although they do not breed with them, for some reason.
It may be that the invading rats, do not want the poor Morrowind rat genes, in their gene pool.



During conversations with NPC's you will get a rumour,
about a Dark Elf, who is looking for someone to kill some rats.
In this mod, you hunt rats and sell the meat to a buyer,
for more than the going game rate, for rat meat.
During the time of hunting for rats you might well
come across an Elite White Rat.
They are very powerful and tough, so beware.
They are only found in the nastiest or deepest,
dungeon/tomb like places.
Their meat and also their white skin,
fetch a large amount of gold,from the trader.

After some time you hear about another buyer,
who will give you more for the meat.
So you go to him and he gives you a magical horn,
that you equip like a shield/light and it plays music,
which calls rats from anywhere.
It doesnt call the white rats tho, as they are too smart.
So you have to hunt for them.
More to the mod, but you will have to play to find out.

Important: The horn can only be used once,
per game day,to summon rats.


General Points.

The horn clips with the mouth.
This is due to the character breathing animation.
As the horn is set as a light, it is positioned resting on the hand.
The arm and hand move during the breathing animation,
causing the horn to move up and down in the mouth.
It clips through the lips, especialy at the top.
Nothing i can do about this, as i dont do animations or physiquing.

The horn also clips with gloves/ gauntlets slightly.
This again is due to the horn sitting on the hand.
I cant move the horn up away from the hand,
as it then floats in mid air.
So the slight clipping, will have to remain at this point.

The rats will follow as long as you play the horn (have it equipped)
but will stop and do rat things and wander around,if you stop playing.
Equip the horn again and they will follow again.
If one rat is injured, the entire pack will attack the player.
After 3 to 4 game hours, the rats or their corpses will vanish,
so collection of meat,needs to be done asap when they are killed.
Also, it is necessary to either remove the corpse after looting,
or to wait around in the area until they vanish.
Otherwise the next set of rats you summon, may arrive in attack mode.

This mod should not interfere, with the normal game rats in any way.

If by some chance you either get fed up with, or dont like the music the horn plays,
then its very simple to change it.
Just get a WAV file of your favourite sound or music,
then rename your file to my sound files name.
Find my file in the Sound\KagPiper folder.
Then simply replace my file with yours.
The horn will then play your music/sounds.



I must say this was a team effort and not just me, as i could never have done,
all of the stuff by myself.

The team comprised of:

Daroot.- Dialogue Guru.

Neil Darkstar.- Scripting Guru.

Kagz.- Idea.Mesh Maker.Sound.Textures.
Builder.Creature placement.
You name it, i do it and all the other stuff. hehe.

Tester.- Slaanesh

I also, would like to thank "EntWent Moot",
for making the Smokeable Pipes mod.
I looked at the positioning of the pipe in 3Ds max
and got an idea, where to position my horn.
I recommend "Smokeable Pipes",its a fun mod.


The mod is 2.55 Meg RAR and Winrar is required.
The mod was collated with TES files3
and cleaned with Tesame.

You can contact me at or at Wolflore forums
or at my Kagz Artz forums

Some screens.:



Re: [REL] The Pied Piper Of Morrowind

PostPosted: Fri Jun 29, 2012 11:38 pm
by Chazz of Blades
Not exactly my cup of tea, but good release none the less! Congrats on another!

Re: [REL] The Pied Piper Of Morrowind

PostPosted: Wed Aug 13, 2014 7:07 pm
by Phobos_Jugular
The Pied Piper is a really cool idea! I can see a thief with a gang of pilfering rats ( similar to Terry Pratchett's 'Guards Guards' where a character turns his dungeon cell into a private resort with the help of a gang of rats ) or an uber villan with rats styled in behavior if not body with Warhammer's cowardly, ever scheming Skaven). Has anyone ever done something like this?