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[REL]Drakkmore's Flawed Dwemer Jinksword Replacer

PostPosted: Tue May 27, 2014 12:14 pm
by Drakkmore
Title: Drakkmore's Flawed Dwemer Jinksword Replacer

Version: 1.0
Author: Drakkmore

Download link is in the Image

Yet another in my quest to give unique textures to Unique weapons that never got Unique meshes.

This time around I give you The Flawed Dwemer Jinksword:

There are three ESPs included in this Mod USE ONLY ONE OF THEM.

Drakkmore's Flawed Dwemer Jinksword Replacer: Only replaces the
Flawed Dwemer Jinksword.

Drakkmore's Flawed Dwemer Jinksword Replacer X: Replaces the
Flawed Dwemer Jinksword, and the Dwemer Jinkswords that are
not flawed. Both swords have different textures regarding the
Dwemer Ruins that are part of the enchantment.

Drakkmore's Flawed Dwemer Jinksword Replacer X+: This ESP
replaces All Unenchanted Dwemer Shortswords, The Dwemer Jinkswords,
and the Flawed Dwemer Jinksword. This will not replace any Dwemer
Shortswords that are enchanted. Player enchanted Dwemer ShortSwords
will keep the new meshes, only Enchanted Dwemer Shortswords that
are Vanilla to the game will remain Vanilla.

The new meshes,and textures are based upon The Sword of Goujian, an

ancient Chinese Bronze sword that was still razor Sharp when it was uncovered.