Page 1 of 1 has serious security issues

PostPosted: Thu May 28, 2020 3:31 pm
by Leonardo
I am fed up with the poor security that Bethesda have on, because a few minutes ago I got not one, not two, not three, but 8 e-mails about requesting password reset.  WTF is this?  :banghead:

Right now, I'm this close to actually visit there one more time, just to make a request to ban my account, which means that those mods I've uploaded there is gonna to be taken over by someone else.

Seriously, I am thinking of retiring from the Skyrim modding community and that's permanently, so the mods I created, not many, will I only offer to those people I know and trust.

Re: has serious security issues

PostPosted: Wed Oct 28, 2020 6:56 am
by dietbob196045
I never ever never go to

But don't quit modding  !!