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Guide: WeightSliding Meshes

PostPosted: Mon Jun 19, 2017 5:15 pm
by Wolf
This is just a notice/guide for anyone experiencing the following issue:

I'm getting a neck gap (not seam) and arms/feet gap for my mesh even though I have the armor addon pointing to the _1.nif and the _0.nif is in the same folder

Solution: Point your armor addon nif to the void.  Save your plugin.  Reload your plugin.  Point your armor addon nif to your _1.nif.  Save your plugin.

Yep, the buggiest game series known to man has the buggiest modding kit known to man.  This bug (and fix) is very consistent.  I know not a lot of people here mod for Skyrim, but this took me a day to figure out and I don't want anyone to struggle with something that isn't actually their fault.   :sheo: