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How To Make The CK's Built-In Heightmap Editor Work

PostPosted: Fri Feb 13, 2015 1:53 pm
by Nodding Off
Many people have trouble with getting the heightmap editor to work properly, without crashing the CK. As a result, some have turned to workarounds, such as using L3DT and TESAnnwyn to convert a heightmap from L3DT into an esp.  Someone on the great-wide internet managed to find a way to make the built-in heightmap tool work, and I apologize for forgetting where I found the instructions.  As I very infrequently visit GHF, if anyone finds the source of the following instructions, by all means please link where you found it, so credit can be given where it is due.

1) Load up Skyrim.esm
2) Create a new world space.
3) Save.
5) Reload the CK, selecting Skyrim.esm (and any other master files you may be working with), and select your new esp as the active file.
6) In the Cell View window, select your worldspace, but don't load it in the preview window (From what I have seen, whether you load it or not doesn't seem to matter. User mileage may very.)
7) Open the Heightmap editor (Toolbar -> World -> Heightmap Editing)
8) Make your heightmap. Have fun!
9) A dialog box will pop up saying that the file is in use, or something similar. Press cancel for every instance.
10) Save.
11) Enjoy your new worldspace.

After playing around with this, I've noticed some features can be a little buggy. Generally, I've only had issues with the erosion feature. Erosion is very resource intensive, but I expect that after dealing with heightmap editors like Wilbur and L3DT.