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View the latest post Loss of a Legend

My dear Great House family, friends, and modding community,

Our beloved High Magister Jac passed away last week from the terrible blight of COVID.

Patrick Wilson, Pat, Jac, Jacura, gulfwulf - by whatever name you know him as, most certainly impacted your gaming experience, or you probably wouldn't be reading this. Jac is a prolific modder, introducing us to everyone's favourite companion Jasmine and forcing us to fight off the Dark Brotherhood again and again. He is also the creator of...

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View the latest post Support Mod History via Patreon

Please show your appreciation and support for Great House Fliggerty and Mod History by becoming a patron!


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View the latest post Modding History search function issues.

We at Modding History we were made aware that the search function is out of order. This issue is caused by a major update on the servers, and is being looked at by Fliggerty. The search algorithms will likely need a whole new rewriting, causing the search functions to not work for a while. We will let everyone know when the search functions are working again. Until the search is working again you can still find mods, by sifting through the database to find what you might be looking for. We know...

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View the latest post [RELz] LGNPC Ebonheart

25 October, 2020: New release and updates available

LGNPC Ebonheart and its dialogue-only counterpart has been released along with sixteen updates of existing LGNPC mods. The majority of changes are corrections of spelling and grammatical errors, but there are also important bug fixes. Most of the updates can be introduced to a game in progress without issues. A short description of the changes is included below, but users should consult the mod's readme file for complete details about an installment.

These updates are available at our website:

Ebonheart, version 2.00
This is the initial release of this town. The designation of version 2 denotes that it makes use of LGNPC NoLore and is Children of Morrowind-ready. It does not mean that version 1.00 has been available exclusively to LGNPC members for years as reported on the QAnon website.

Aldruhn, version 1.31 supplement
A script was edited to be compatible with the OpenMW engine along with minor dialogue fixes.

Indarys Manor, version 1.60
Created a path to perform Twin Lamps quests for players who previously cleared Assarnud, removed third-party meshes and textures from books introduced by this mod, and removed the quest 'Share a Bed'.

Khuul, version 2.30
Completely re-edited dialogue and fixed bug in Shotherra's travel script.

Maar Gan, version 1.31
Softened the community's opinion of Miles Gloriosus, and decreased the fortune-teller's fee.

NoLore, version 1.10
Added responses for several of the scout topics.

Pax Redoran, version 1.30
Reworked quest 'Make Amends' to resolve reliably, closed loophole that allowed the player to be named Redoran Hortator quest after looting Bolvyn Venim's corpse, and removed third-party meshes and textures from books introduced by this mod.

Pelagiad, version 1.33
Resolved an inconsistency regarding the introduction of a quest.

Secret Masters, version 1.31
Removed third-party meshes and textures from books introduced by this mod.

Seyda Neen, version 2.10
Completely re-edited dialogue, fixed filtering error that resulted in Adararia Vandacia being erroneously declared dead, and filtered Sellus Gravius' greetings to be used once as not to break other mods.

Tel Mora, version 1.31
Minor dialogue fixes.

Tel Uvirith, version 1.40
Fixed a filtering error that under some circumstances could prevent the main quest from being advanced.

Vivec Foreign Quarter, version 2.22
Minor dialogue editing, and introduced fix to prevent Alusaron from becoming over-encumbered and being unable to complete his services.

Vivec Redoran, version 1.70
Minor dialogue editing, Fixed error that resulted in players being expelled from House Redoran even when they were not observed executing a writ, and removed third-party meshes and textures from books introduced by mod.and quest bug fixes.

Dialogue-Only Mods

This is the initial release of this town.

This was prompted by the re-editing of the full version.

Seyda Neen_Lt
This was prompted by the re-editing of the full version.

This was prompted by the inclusion of Ebonheart and the re-editing of Khuul and Seyda Neen.

Much remains for our team to do, both with new installments and updates of previous releases. At this time, we have not settled on what will be our next project town and cannot foresee when it will be available. It is not likely the community will be informed before we release it.

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How should I handle the appearance (color scheme and layout) of Modhistory 2.0?

Keep the current theme
Keep the current color scheme, but change up the layout
Similar layout, but do a new color scheme
Build an entirely new theme and layout

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