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View the latest post GHF Modding Invitational: Announcing the Results

[align=center]I am pleased to officially announce The First Semi-Annual Great House Fliggerty Modding Invitational has come to a close!


All of my expectations were met, and many exceeded.  This has really been a lot of fun.  And I'm really excited to announce who the winners are!


There were a total of five submissions, all in the housing mod category:

Moon Estate by dingosky95
Stonehouse by Undeadnoob (aka Deathstalker13)
Hawkhaven by Spirited Treasure
Gnisis Manor by Regaez and Praise Argonia!
Imperial Dragon Manor by Namingway


Before the announcements, I want to take a moment and explain the judging process.

1.  I invited judges of all modding talent and experience levels, from some of the most well-known modders to some people who have only played with mods.  This allowed for a variety of perspectives, and resulted in a wide range of scores for different things.

2.  Points were available in each of the following categories: (score card is heavily based upon what they use at ORE)
     Innovation (10 points possible)
     Homeliness (10)
     Fitness for Purpose (10)
     Technical Accuracy (10)
     Balance (4)
     Lore (4)
     Other (2)
This provided a total possible 50 points.

3.  Points from each judge were totaled, and the average of all judges produced the final score.

4.  Arenar Tiraso made a walkthrough of each house, inspecting it for his purposes.  (This was my contribution to the "judging" so to speak.  I didn't provide a score, and my thoughts did not factor into the final score.)  He chose one home that fits his current needs more than any other.


Stonehouse by Undeadnoob (aka Deathstalker13)

Total Average Score: 24.8

images/misc/best_battle_arena.gif" alt="" /> Best Battle Arena

Further praise:
Most Innovative Use of Statics

Arenar's Review:
While passing through Seyda Neen I found an unlocked stone house.  It has the air of having been abandoned, or otherwise left almost empty for some time.  I assume the previous owner was a victim of some foul deed, but I'll speak more about that in a moment.
Upon the bed a full set of Imperial armor was laid out, as if the owner had been ready to dress for battle, and did not have time.  A small personal shrine, much like that which many soldiers set up when they are far from home, decorated the western wall.  I found it to a quaint and pleasant thing.
In one corner of the room, surrounded by hanging tapestries, I found an odd thing called a "PortalKey."  I soon discovered that it was a door of sorts, taking me to a small series of caves.
While in these caves I found what appeared to be human ashes.  I also did battle with an unsuspecting Dagoth of lower rank.  I suspect that the previous owner of this place was a somehow disposed of down here, for what purpose I cannot fathom.  It makes me quite angry though as I'm positive that he was a member of the Legion.  As a Knight Protector in the Legion, it is my duty to discover what happened here.

Moon Estate by Dingosky95

Total Average Score: 29.2

images/misc/best_place_of_business.gif" alt="" /> Best Place of Business

Further praise:
Most Unique Idea
Provided Most Services

Arenar's Review:
I really do enjoy every moment I spend in the Ascadian Isles region, so I was quite delighted when I arrived at the Moon Estate. I found it in a rather unassuming location, quiet and peaceful, yet close enough to Vivec that it is only a few hours walk.
I was very warmly greeted when I walked inside.  However the first room seemed a little bare.  I'm not much for excessive decor, but there was nothing there to indicate that people did anything more than stand in that room.  The first room on the second level was much better though.  There was a distinct feeling of industry, several people hurried busily through the room.  As the new Lord of the estate I was given a fresh change of clothing and a hearty meal before moving on to the rest of the estate.
The master bedroom fits my needs incredibly well.  Being a man of simple tastes, the lack of excessive decor and furnishings suited me nicely.  The room had been cleaned in anticipation of my arrival, the ample shelves, closets, and tables were empty, waiting for me to store my clothing, weapons, and armor.
The most fascinating aspect of this estate was to be found further downstairs.  Much to my astonishment there was an entire subterranean farm!  I was told the idea behind it was twofold: avoiding the local politics, specifically the Commona Tong and Dren, and to proved a place for outlanders to work without being given grief by the locals.  Those are both noble ideals, and wonderfully achieved!

Imperial Dragon Manor by Namingway

Total Average Score: 33

images/misc/best_seat_of_power.gif" alt="" /> Best Seat of Power

Further praise:
Best Use of Resources
Best Lighting

Arenar's Review:
I was given the honor of visiting the Imperial Dragon's manor today.  After a short jaunt aboard a ship with an oddly quiet shipmaster, we arrived at a small island.  The entire thing was enclosed with a magnificent stone wall, lending a feeling of granduer to the whole thing.
The courtyard was a splendid area, perfect for an afternoon of lounging in the sun or for running drills; whichever is necessary at the time.
As I toured the building, I met several maids.  There certainly were plenty of them to do what needs to be done around such a large building, and not so many they get in the way.  They sure didn't have anything to say to me though, I assume because they were too busy with their duties.
At first I got lost in the manor.  I finally got my bearings in the garden, and managed to navigate through the rest of the rooms with ease (except for occasionally hitting my head on a low-hanging chandelier.)
I have to say, the library overwhelmed me.  I can't imagine reading that many books in a lifetime!  It is easily the most impressive collection of writings I have ever come across.
Perhaps someday I will rise to the rank of Imperial Dragon.  When I do, I certainly look forward to dwelling in such luxury!

Gnisis Mansion by Regaez and Praise Argonia!

Total Average Score: 34.4

images/misc/best_mansion.gif" alt="" /> Best Mansion

images/misc/arenars_pick.gif" alt="" /> Arenar's Pick

Further praise:
Best World Placement

Arenar's Review:
I served the early days of my Legion service in Gnisis in the Death's Head Legion.  I had long wondered what the interior of that mansion looming above the town looked like.
Since I joined the ranks of Knights, I had not been back to Gnisis.  Now that I am a master of my own time, I decided to return and see that castle for myself.  And castle it surely is, I wouldn't call it a mansion.  It is too large for that.  This building is easily defendable, including a courtyard of sorts and a small but efficient armory.
As I wandered around the place, I managed to lose myself a few times.  But after I had passed through a corridor once, it became rather easy to orient myself.  Though rather large, all of the space was well used.  Each room was designed with a purpose, and met that purpose rather well.
If I was to live here, I'm not sure which bedroom I would make my own.  There are several to choose from, varying in size and furnishings.  I'm sure it would be one that I found upstairs due to how close it is to what I dubbed the "reading room."
If I should ever command the Death's Head Legion, I would most certainly requisition the funds to acquire this castle as my headquarters.  It is a bit dusty and full of spiders, but with a broom and sponge it could be a manor fit for a very high ranking officer indeed.

And finally....

Voted "Best Overall" in the invitational...

Hawkhaven by Spirited Treasure

Total Average Score: 37.2

images/misc/best_overall_submission.gif" alt="" /> Best Overall!

Further praise:
Most Comfortable Home
Best Decor
Companion Included

Arenar's Review:
As I entered Vivec for a brief shopping excursion, I noticed a new door in the Foreign Quarter.  My curiosity overcame me, so I headed on in.  I was greeted by a friendly woman named Sosi.  We only chatted for a moment, but really seemed to hit it off.  We may perhaps travel together at some point.
She did welcome me to her home, saying that as a loyal subject of the Emperor she was willing to allow me to stay there as I needed.  It was indeed a warm invitation, only sweetened as I wandered around.
After washing face and hands in the kitchen, I grabbed a bite to eat and a drink.  The meat was warm and the brandy cold!  Everywhere I went in the apartment I was pleasantly surprised with how the builders managed to include so much storage space in as small a place as that.  I could fit dozens of sets of armor in there, not to mention a library to rival that I saw in the Vivec Temple!
I am considering purchasing this home from Sosi, if she would just tell me how much it cost her!


Well, that's it.  The award badges will be applied to each entrant's profile!

Once a few details have been worked out with the entrants, I hope to get all of these available for the public to download!

I want to thank everyone who had anything to do with this at all!  It has been a lot of fun, and I definitely look forward to the next invitational! (BTW...take a look at a specific resource made by Sandman101 in the meantime.  :wink: )

--Great House Fliggerty Council

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