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    MA's Seyda Neen Modlist

    by Midgetalien

    Hello there,

    Well i started a new game this morning after several attempts at trying to find the right character-role. I eventually went with a drow who was banished from his own world and in the process ended up in Morrowind due to Azura's guiding hand. My character aside, i suddenly realised that seyda neen was well.....boring.

    So i set out to find mods that improved gameplay in seyda neen -

    Here is what i came up with:

    Note to Hrisskar

    This is a simple quest mod for new characters. Everyone knows about the Note to Hisskar thats laying on the table - but what of it? This mod provide a quest to fulfil the contents of the note and seek a reward for doing so. Great for starting out chracters who need a little more cash and gain experience of morrowind.

    Tales of Seyda Neen

    This intresting mod adds a total of 7 new quests - all to be found in Seyda neen bar one (which is just outside of the town) Its great for new chracters as the quests are simple and they vary from killing creatures to returning pants to a half naked man in the swamp.

    Seyda Neen Starter Shack v1.1

    A simple, non-uber shack placed in Seyda neen. Its perfect for starting characters as its just a shack. No uber loot or storage - created with the intention that eventually the player will move on.

    Less Generic NPC Project - Seyda Neen

    A roleplaying mod to give more life to NPCs in Morrowind. Eleven of the NPCs in the town of Seyda Neen have been modified to give them specific dialog option about things like backgrounds and jobs

    Vodunius Nuccius Extended

    remeber that shack i mentioned above? Well this mod will be waht you move into after your shack. This mod expands the vannila quest of buying Vodunius ring, allowing him to "move out of seyda neen" - After he has left his house comes up for sale!

    This is just a basic mod list, designed for simple gameplay. Seyda neen is the starting out town, it should make sense that it made more of an effort to "ease" the player into the game.

    If you can think of anyother mods, feel free to post them. :)



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