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    MA's Drow Modlist - **Updated! 08 March 2012**

    by Midgetalien


    Drow City Denizens (race mod)
    Drow City Denizens Headpack 1
    Drow City Denizens addon by Westly
    Bethaliz's Drow Race
    Drow Fate (goes with Bethaliz's race mod)
    Drow Race and Class
    ShadowTek's Drow Race
    Kalikut's Head pack and BB2.2 fix for ShadowTek's race (scroll down about halfway)
    Drow Race for Smoother Bodies by Shadowtek
    Drow Race Alternate Textures by Shadowtek. This retexture was done by Lizardo and re-colored by shadowtek for the drow race it adds a alternate male texture for the BB vertion.
    Features of Vvardenfell Park 1.5 - By Korana, This mod adds  6 heads to the game for the player's use, ONE of which is a drow head for ShadowTek's Drow Race. This does NOT replace any existing heads.  
    UQFs Face Compilation -By UQForgotten. This mod Adds loads of new heads/faces for morrowind. Also included in this zip are two Drow heads with Dreamweavers Drow mod (Shadowtek)
    Qwert's Drow mod - Adds Drow as playable race, plus new armor and weapons, racial ablities, scripted enchantments. For drow mods as vampire embrace is for vampire mods.
    Drow Birthsigns v2 by Midgetalien. Adds nine new birthsigns to the game, based around drow and drow lore.
    Drider Race by midgetalien. This mod adds a new playable race called "Drider". Driders are a D&D race that have the upper body of a Drow and the lower body of a spider.
    Do' Urden Race-This mod adds a new race to the game, as well as a custom class. modelled both  after Drizzt Do' Urden.
    TSS 2 Female Drow Heads - some drow heads
    PC Voice Drow Male - The files included in this archive can be used with any of the available custom Drow races, when playing a male character.
    Forgotten's Drow Head Mod V1 - Adds one new female face and 5 hairs. two esps - one for vanilla morrowind (adding them to darkelve) and one for use with Shadowtek (dreamweaves) drow mod.
    Forgottens Drow Head 2nd Head- another head pack which contains  one new female playable face and one hairstyle for the Dunmer race. Contains an esp for use with Shadowtek/dreamweaves drow mod as well.
    Drow - (Uses original Dark Elf Meshes and Textures) - Ads Drow as a playable Race
    Dargopak - Water Drow (Not based on any DnD lore but instead inspired by it.)


    A Drow Story - " A beautiful young drow is looking for an adventurer to help during her journeys in these foreign lands. Are you brave enough? Are you strong enough? Are you looking for........romance? Then perhaps this is the story for you.......the tale awaits your telling....." Companion mod.
    A Drow Story Update - This is an update,to the above mod and this will allow compatability with CM_Partners 2.2 and perhaps other versions. Even if you dont use CM_partners, its advised to update Image
    A Drow Story Addon - This mod makes Indwella, the drow from the mod a drow story, look more like a drow. In a drow story she uses the dark elf textures/body parts but this mod changes her to use the textures/body parts from drow city Denizens.

    Drow Companion Xarinia Adds a female drow spellcaster companion in Arrille's.Tradehouse in Seyda Neen. Requires Shadowteks drow race mod


    Drow Priestess Armor- Armor for Female Drows
    Drow Priestess Armor UPDATE- This is the same as the above just with two small bugs fixed. - PIC
    Drow Armour  - Adds Drow armor and new weapons
    Drow Armor addonby midgetalien. This Mod adds Damiens Drow Armor to the game world. As well as 2 extra helms and 1 extra curiass.
    Drow Armor addon 2 by midgetalien. This Mod adds a Quiver and cape for sale in the blamora fighters guild. Its sold by a traderon the second floor of the balmora fighters guild. Requires Drow Armor and Drow Armor Addon
    Elvenwear Expansion - contains Elven Armor, oriognally created for a drow mod
    Twinkle & Icingdeath -legendary swords of Drizzt do'Urd ( There is aTwinkle & Iicingdeath v2 not sure what the diffrence is..)
    Scimiter - A Scimiter that was "created with Drizzt Do'Urden in mind"
    Abandoned Drow Cave -Addds a new cave which contains new weapons and armor for Drows, Pic
    Spider Sword - By Silaria. [Alternate Download]
    Art of war Museum has Twinkle&Icingdeath by Painkiller Rider, Drizzt Do'Urden's scimitars - Picture, also includes a tapestry of Drizzt
    Golden Dragon - Aside from being a great collection of armor, this mod includes "Drow armor" Pic. Also it has "Drow weapons" which are pretty cool Bow, Staff
    Winged Dryad Dresses -By Calislahn. This mod is mainly for the Dryad Race, however contains an Optional file for Dreamweavers Drow Race mod (ShadowTeks Mod), You will need to Scroll down the page a bit to find the link and screenshots. Alternatly you can download it directly from here
    Dual Scimitars by Aridale Noblebrook Belmont . While not made as a Drow mod, Dual Scimitars are well known for being a choice of weapon for the Drow.
    Ni'assa and T'ulliah dual wield scimitarsby VagabondAngel. These awsome models, while not made as a Drow mod, would make the perfect weapon for a Drow Character. Dual Scimitars are well known for being a choice of weapon for the Drow
    Carnithus Armamentarium Complete - Lots of dark armors and weapons suitable for a Drow.
    Drow Bow Special (TESAME) - Adds a quiver, bolt and crossbow to Joshaba Rare book's,free to take.
    Weapons of the Undying Wind - Contains various weapons by the oldfriend, of which on is a drow sword. There is also a Slaad staff (The slaad are a toad like race from D&D)
    Bracers of blinding strike - Adds drizzits bracers/anklets (he wears them on his feet lol) to the world of morrowind.


    Plane of Dread. - Allows you to summon a panther, using a statue of a panther, just like Drizzt Do'Urden. uses to summon Guenhwyvar. NOTE: You need to change the name of the textures folder in this download from texture to textures.
    Doom Door - "this mod will take you on an adventure to a new Drow City on Vvardenfell and through dungeons, mystical islands and a full-scale "military style" battle in which the magnificient Moon Armour appears." contains new armor, weapons, creatures and Clothing.
    Under Water Palace Tileset - A tilset that had a Drow Theme in mind Pic 1 Pic 2
    Faylynn's painting pack 1 - a resource of paintings, some of them showing Drow
    Joshua's Tapestry Resource by Ornarilineith. A collection of tapestries, some of which dipict Drow.
    Forgotten Realms Mod v.1.73 - What does it do?-It changes the musics of Morrowind to the musics from Baldur's Gate I&II!-It changes the names of the monters, wepons and armor.-It changes the races.-It adds some new mosters with no new meshes.-It adds an island located at the Ascadian Isles Region. It's very difficult to move on the landscape, because it is reformed after a small meteor crash.-Instead of birthsigns you will choose the god, you will be loyal to. -It adds few new NPCs, one of them is DRIZZT!
    bob's banners - contains banners with D&D creatures/people and custom NWN portraits.

    Related Mods/Spider Mods

    Starstone Outpost -It adds some  spider robes/clothing along with new weapons (spider sword, Spider staff if you finish the quest)
    Starstone outpost Addons by Midgetalien
    • -Spider summoning - Allows the ability to summon spiders
    • - Spider Transform - Allows the player to transform into a spider
    • - Spider Silk - Adds spider silk ingrediants to the spiders

    Spider Robe -a spider textured robe that drops spiders to help defend the player when attacked
    The Shrine of Mephala by Westly- New Armor and Weapons based on a Spider/Mephala Theme, but suites Drows Image
    Spidersilk Shield - Not specifically Drow, but spider related. Nice little shield Image
    Cobwebs - by James Fraser, turns the static cobweb into an alchemy ingrediant
    Piratelords creatures adds spiders
    Re-text of piratelords spiders- by connary
    Re-text of the cobwebs in game - by connary, ok nota drow mod but spider related
    Arachnid Black Menu Color by The Blood Cauldron, This mod turns all the menu colors in the game to my Arachnid black color, very cool Image
    Kats Castle has a pet spider
    A Cat Model/creature by Trey Leavens -PICA modders resource, this is a Cat/Panther creature.
    Slofs Goth Ship Part 1 andPart 2- By AlienSlof. This mod is a large clothing mod that adds a shop selling male clothing. Amoungst these items of clothing are Spider/web style clothes - Pic1 Pic 2 Pic 3Pic 4
    MAZE OF THE SPIDER QUEEN - By KAGZ. This is the Maze Of The Spider Queen.It has been reported that the Fairy Princess Merellia,has been captured by the epitome of evil,the Spider Queen.She is being kept prisoner, in the Maze of Death,by the queen and her sisters.You the brave adventurer, must travel to the Maze Of Deathand rescue the Fairy Princess.You must hurry to get there, as it is rumoured now,that the Spider Queens may have killed and eaten the princess. Pic 1  Pic 2
    Spider Brooches/Piercingsby gagatek.  Wearable spider and spider-brooches that can be worn o�n clothes/armor.Pic1 Pic2 Pic3
    Chargen at Night - While having nothing to do with Drow or Dungeon and Dragons, the mod is great as an atmophere mod. Drow are, afterall underdark creatures and so would not be used to the light. With Chargen at night the player would be able to roleplay the "underdark" element a little further by having the character creation process at night!
    Giant Spider -  Another spider model that lives up to its name. It is a ginat spider!
    Death's Doorstep Add-on - screenshot - Has various armors, some of them spider themed! Great for any drow or spider lover!

    Dungeon and Dragon's related mods

    [url=""]Forever (NWN inspired bow)[/url] by Lego. Adds two new bows to the game inspired by Neverwinter Nights "Froever Bow". An "ice" and "fire" set of themed bows. [url=""]Pic 1[/url] [url=""]Pic 2[/url]
    [url=""]Eisenfaust's Classes[/url] by Eisenfaust. This plugin adds 20 new classes, many inspired by Dungeons and Dragon's
    [url=""]Lilarcor Mod[/url] by Craig Critchfield. This mod adds Lilarcor +3, the talking intelligent sword from Baldur's Gate II - Shadows of Amn. Think of it as more of a companion than a sword.
    [url=""]Baldur's Gate Music[/url] by dheer. While its in the oblivion section on PES, you can also use the music in morrwind. Just put the music in your morrowind/music/explore folder and experience the music in morrowind
    [url=""]Under Red Mountain[/url] - Contains a Bugbear creature, which is a D&D specific creature.
    [url=""]Mindflayers[/url] - This mod adds a new race to the world of Morrowind; a race inspired by the D&D games, known as Mindflayers or Illithids
    [url=""]Tentacles for Mindflayers[/url] - Adds tentacles to the mindflayer race above.
    [url=""]Gelatinous Cubes Enhanced[/url] - The Jelly, man eating cubes from the D&D series in morrowind! A good creature addition to any D&D fans that want a bit more in morrowind.
    [url=""]Qwert's Bags of Holding[/url] - Bags of holding that allow the player to carry more. The bags are inspired and made to fit the D&D bags of holding
    [url=""]Beholder/gazer creature[/url] - a moddersresource that has a beholder/gazer creature.
    [url=""]Baldur's Gate Classes[/url] - Adds the Ranger, Druid, and Sword Saint classes.
    [url=""]Cavalier Class Launcelot[/url] -This small plugin creates a class and birthsign that, when used together, recreates the Cavalier class from Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows of Amn.
    [url=""]Bugbear race[/url] - A orc/goblin type creature from D&D, now you can play as one!
    [url=""]Bags of Holding[/url]- Another bag of holding mod - but in this one the player can make the bags themselves.
    [url=""]Qwerts Paladin[/url]- This adds a birthsign that gives the player a paladin's holy powers and abilities that grow as the player progress in level.This is based heavily on the AD&D rules(as much as possible anyways).
    [url=""]Rakasta Race[/url] - adds a race which mimics the Rakasta from D&D. Its essentially the Khajiit with boosted their strength and magic, making them excellent for battlemage.
    [url=""]Ranger Birthsign[/url] - Adds a new birthsigh that gives the player ranger abilities and powers that grow with the player. Based on D&D rules such as Sneak Penalty
    [url=""]Dwarves![/url]-Adds the generic fantasy dwarf as a playble race!
    [url=""]PC Voice Complete: Dwarf[/url] - This mod features Dwarf (male) voices for the PC Voice Complete mod.
    [url=""]Aegis Fang[/url] - this plug-in adds the Aegis Fang to the game, you might know the weapon from R.A.Salvatores books, its the weaponwhat the great barbarian Wulfgar uses.
    [url=""]Golem and Dragons[/url] - One of the earlier dragon mods, Golem and Dragons adds large steel golems and several kinds of dragons to a handful of locations. Nightwing69's dragons are adapted conversions from the game Neverwinter Nights, and are quite impressive and large (twice the player's height or so). They recall D&D's archetypal red and black dragon illustrations, down to horn style and placement
    [url=""]Female Armor & Clothing Set[/url] - [url=""]screenshot[/url] - This plugin adds an outfit based on Adrianna's armor from Baldur's Gate. It includes a full, light armor set & a partial clothing set.
    [url=""]The Savage Mountain Orcs 2.0[/url] - Orc camps have started to grow in the Grazelands. These orc centrons are known to be very strong.There are rumors of Drow in the Molag Amur Region.
    [url=""]Sylvan Houses[/url] - This is a set of 5 Sylvan house models, complete with interiors. The sizes range from a small hut to a large manor. Sylvan is the language of the Fey in the D&D world. It would seem that these house were actaully designed to be used (in a now dead) underdark mod back in 2004.
    [url=""]The Moathouse[/url] - This plugin is based on the first chapter of the AD&D module T1-4 "Temple of Elemental Evil" by Gary Gygax and Frank Mentzer. Its a dungeon/quest mod.
    [url=""]Dragon Disciple Birthsign[/url] - A new birthsign package that allows those born under it to take on dragon-like properties. Unlike normal birthsigns, your abilities improve as you level up, and you even gain new powers at higher levels. As of now, you receive a new benefit at each level up to level 10, inclusive. This birthsign is based on the D&D Prestige Class, Dragon Disciple.
    [url=""]AD & D Armor[/url] - This mod adds: the Mail of Luck, Breastplate of Command, and Plate of the Deep from Dungeons and Dragons to the game. NO NEW MESHES.
    [url=""]Depths of The Underdark[/url] - A very early ALPHA WIP that has been abandonded. Thought I would put it here for completion sake. Not playable.
    [url=""]Armory of Icewind Dale, Morrowind Edition![/url] - This mod adds two shields two the Skaal Village Greathall.  Both shields are variations of Bruenor's shield from the Legend of Drizzt book series by R.A. Salvatore. They depict a foaming beer mug.
    [url=""]Temple of Shar[/url] - Based on D&D lore this mod adds a quest to find the amulet of shar, a goddess of well.... evil.
    [url=""]Half-Elf[/url] - Based on D&D half-elves (specifically Icewind dale game)
    [url=""]KTW ADnD Based Race Tweak[/url] - makes the races more like DnD races. As far as I can tell it tweaks the races to be more like D&D.
    [url=""]Tomb of Horrors[/url] -based on the D&D module of the same name.
    [url=""]Morrowind Meets AD&D Wizardry[/url] -makes a lot of Morrowind feel more like AD&D it is much much harder, - will need testing as not sure what this mod actually does.
    [url=""]Morrowind DnD weapons[/url] - adds new weapons and armor from DnD. Also adds a new faction the Guild of Defenders.
    [url=""]Blood Eye Sword[/url] - Was made using refrence pictures of DnD weapons
    [url=""]Morrowind Creatures[/url] - This mod adds new creaturs to Morrowind dire bears, dire wolves, hell hounds, and more. Also a new class & race, ranger, that can train animals and has an animal companion. Heavily influenced by DnD games such as Neverwinter nights.
    [url=""]Trolls & Kobolds[/url] - Adds 2 races, Troll & Kobold to leveled lists and as playable races. Also adds a troll slave that you can buy in Tel Aruhn.
    [url=""]Dahrk Creatures I[/url] - contains the creatures Owlbear, Sea cat and worg - All DnD creatures
    [url=""]Beholder[/url] -  A beholder from the realms of DnD[url=""]Screenshot[/url] - [url=""]Video[/url]
    [url=""]Slime[/url] - A slime creature like those in BG and BG2[url=""]Screenshot[/url] - [url=""]Video[/url]
    [url=""]Atronach Expansion[/url]: contains Myconids -[url=""]pic 1[/url] - [url=""]pic 2[/url]- [url=""]info about Myconids[/url]
    [url=""]Great Tribe of the bear - A forgotten realms Barbarian mod[/url]

    You may also be intrested in the [url=""]Comprehensive Dragon Mod Guide[/url] which lists all mods that add/include Dragons. Afterall Dragons are a part of the D&D world


    This section will contain WIPs (works in progress). If this section is empty it means nothing is being worked on. As far as i can tell Image

    [url=""]Squidfaceguy - AKA illithid/mindflayer[/url] by Anoldfriend3

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