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    MA's Ashlander Modlist

    by Midgetalien

    This mod list aims to put into one place all the mods that can make roleplaying an Ashlander more enjoyable. A while back before the forum change there was a thread that asked for Ashalnder mods and i put together a short list within that thread some of the most used ashlander mods. However that thread now seems to have been purged from the system and with a recent ashlander thread appearing in the morrowind cheats and hints section I thought it would be a great time to start up a more defined mod list.


    Bug Shield: Adds a bug shield based one ashlander bug bowls for sale.

    CDR AshlanderGarb:Adds a cloth piece that covers from the nose down to the upper chest

    Silt Strider Armor:This mod adds a new set of lore-friendly armor to the game of Morrowind. The armor is based off of the silt strider husks you see laying around the Ashlands

    Ashlandic Marauder Armor: description of the armor: "Duru-Balsan is bonemold armor which is used primarily by ashlanders back on the mainland in raiding parties; It literally means "Bone Darkness" and refers to the bone and ebony used in it's making. Ebony is less common in the few Ashlands which show up back on mainland Morrowind so the marauders like to incorporate it into parts of their armor and decorate the bonemold with large chunks of the precious ore."

    Unique Armor Replacer Chodala Boots UAR: Gives Conoon Chodala's Boots a different/new mesh, texture, and icon.


    Silt Strider Hovel: Adds a silt strider husk to the near east of the Urshilaku camp that you can live in.

    Ghostgate Sanctuary:It places an abandoned ashlander yurt not far from the Ghostgate.

    Ashlander Tent: Portable Ashlander tent that can be placed where ever you like!

    Aftershock's Travel Tent:This mod adds a new portable Yurt style tent available from an Ashlander in the Zainab camp. There is an addon which adds more furnishings to complement the mod. (see below)

    TravelTent Furnishing for Aftershock's Travel Tent:Adds furnishing to Aftershock's Travel Tent Mod and provides NOM support.


    Guar Tamers: This plug-in adds guar tamer NPCs to all ashlander camps (the big camps). Tamers can sell you packguars or battleguars

    Gaurs: Talk or bribe the ashlander guar tamers to reveal the secrets of smart mountable guars...

    Julan Ashlander Companion: Julan Kaushibael is a young Ashlander man you rescue from getting pasted by Daedra outside Ghostgate. He wants you to take him on as a companion in order to train him into becoming a better warrior, but it quickly becomes clear that there are things going on that he isn't telling you. As you progress through the Morrowind main quest with Julan, he gets dragged into your mission, and you get dragged into his - a tangle of secrets, lies, love, loss and betrayal.


    The Legend of Kerrivor: This mod adds a book to the Vivec Library in the Temple District describing an Ashland legend named Kerrivor. The book tells you about an ancient legend of the ashlander tribe of Zainab - Places this legendary warrior ingame for the player to face.

    Vivecs Fate, The Ashlander Heresy:This plug-in tells the story of what happens after you complete the main quest in Morrowind - the resurgence of the Dissident Priests, and the crisis in the Temple.As events unfold around you, you must decide how to relate to them.You can play as an Ordinator, Ashlander hero, or find your own way.


    Ashlander Camp Travel:This mod makes the Wise Women's able to transport you between the camp's.

    Ashlander Traders:A travelling caravan of merchants will set up shop in the market squares of Balmora, Ald-ruhn and Suran (depending on the day) A unique travel service is available, a caravan that travels with you to the Ashlander camps.


    Playable Ashlander Hairs:This Mod allows the Ashlander hairs styles to be used in character creation

    As such, the ashlander hairs will be avalble in the Dark Elf race menu.

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