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    Great House Telvanni Mods

    by karpik777

    Great House Telvanni Mod List

    Quest Mods

    New quests

    TR Morrowind Map1: Telvannis and Map 2: Antediluvian Secrets  by the TR Team
    A huge and beautiful landmass occupied by Great House Telvanni. Has several quests for Mainland Great House Telvanni, with more being currently developed. If you download map 2 you do not have to get the first one - an updated version of it is included.

    Rise of House Telvanni  by Pozzo
    This mod adds quests for the Telvanni Archmagister, allowing him/her to gain more political power and strengthen the House. It also gives some lore about the Telvanni and a chance to reclaim some ancient Telvanni artifacts. Recently expanded and overhauled by Bhl it gives the player many quests and options to shape the future of Vvardenfell and House Telvanni.
    • The user's of Riptide's Replacer might want to use the RoHT patch provided by Malik

    Theurgist  by NarkyBark
    A crazy old Telvanni Theurgist has left the House, and now lives as a hermit among his summoned creations. Although a bit of a loon, he has mastery over the elements and is willing to pass on his knowledge and gear to someone who will do his bidding.

    Recruit New Telvanni Councilors  by Master Sam
    This mod adds 6 new quests, some big, some small, that lets you replace the Telvanni Councilors. The mod also adds 6 mini-chores for the play to do for the new councilors. Some quests may require that you finish other quests before you can receive them.

    Grow your own Telvanni Towers  by Kaos_nyrb
    Adds a quest which will allow you to learn the secrets of growing Telvanni towers, housepods etc.

    Tel Scelestus  by MC
    This mod sends you on a few short quests, after which, the player will be able to bind any creature he kills to himself as a companion using a soulgem and alchemical ingredients.

    Tales of Tel Branora  by A.P. Hilliard
    This plug-in adds around 10 new NPCs and associated quests to the village of Tel Branora.

    Hunter Modification  by Elim Garak
    Several new rumors spreading over parts of Vvardenfell will lead to adventures that will teach the player to use more parts of some game creatures to create new magic potions. You can meet a Telvanni-Master from the mainland and the stronghold of Tel Ebernanit.

    Locust  by dingosky95
    This is a companion and upgradeable tower and town. The companion uses grumpy's companion template. So he will level up with you. He is Telvanni and a necromancer. Also he has some other cool features.

    Xenn's Strict Factions  by Xenn
    This mod makes it impossible to join certain factions (based on those the player already is a member of).

    Telvanni Uprising  by Halokid33
    Delve deep into a conspiracy that could change Tamriel forever! Side with either the Imperial Legion or the House Telvanni. This will affect people's opinion of you. Note that this is an alpha version.


    Morrowind Patch Project  by Quorn
    This fixes tons of bugs and errors in Morrowind, including all of the Telvanni ones.


    • Fast Eddie fix by shiva7663
      Fixes a dialog glitch where Fast Eddie mistakenly doesn't do chores after the player becomes the Telvanni Archmagister.
    • Telvanni quest-fix  by God 2.0
    • Master Aryon Fix  by Robin
      Both fix the Ordiniran quest, where you are supposed to get some scrolls from Milyn Faram as a reward
    • Telvanni Magister Fix by Robin Lee Powell
      Fixes a possible bug with advancement in House Telvanni.

    Tel Uvirith

    Interior Additions

    Uvirith's Legacy  by Stuporstar
    A huge expansion of the stronghold, too many features to list.

    Uvirith Awakened Pre-Final  by Team Uvirith and Marac
    Another huge expansion of the stronghold's interior.

    Uvirith Awakened Beta  by Team Uvirith
    A different version of the mod above - might be preferred by some.

    Uvirith Inside  by The DopeHatMan
    Uvirith Inside is an expansion off of Uvirith Vault and Uvirith Unleashed, which have been merged together as the base of this mod. With many new features it is a good TU mod - though smaller than those above.

    Telvanni Strongmod  by Soltis
    Complete interior rebuild of Tel Uvirith and lots more.

    Uvirith Unleashed by Grumblepunk
    This mod expands and renovates all three levels of the Tower of Tel Uvirith. Instead of that little hovel the Telvanni jam you into when you finish your stage III stronghold, you will now have a tower that makes Tel Naga look like a cottage. Ffully compatible with Green Uvirith and Uvirith Vault.

    Tel Uvirith Stronghold  by Jaysun Huck
    This plug-in adds a considerable amount of new objects and containers to the Telvanni Player Stronghold, Tel Uvirith.

    Tel Uvirith Tower  by Iorya Dragon
    This plugin add new things to your tower in Tel Uvirith after you become Master in Telvanni House and have built your tower. There are many new additions; mannequins, display cases; weapons room,library and alchemy room stuff.

    Great House Stronghold Vaults  by Vrykulakas
    A storage vault has been added to each of the Great House strongholds. I added places for weapons and your favorite mannequin mod, along with several chests to stash miscellaneous items.

    Tel Uvirith Storage  by Godwryn1.0
    This mod will make a Nice Telvanni Tower type storage room.

    Tel Uvirith Underground  by Morphera
    This mod lets you enter a beautiful world far below the tower of Tel Uvirith. Discover beautiful waterfalls, misty lakes, ancient ruins and even a subterranean forest. Discover the long forgotten Citadel of Uvirith, and learn some dark arts ...

    Tel Uvirith Storage  by Bruno13069
    This mod adds a lot of storage to both the upper and lower tower.

    Exterior Additions

    The Towers of Uvirith  by Astion
    This mod adds a large tower next to Tel Uvirith. It is a building purely constructed for storage, and will feature many different rooms: An Armoury, a Library, an Artifact Storage vault complete with animated display cases, an extensive cellar complex, and much more.

    Tel Uvirith Rebuilt  by Zurin Arctus
    The outside of Tel Uvirith is no longer a wasteland, it is now green, and has pleasant weather. The reason for this is an alliance sworn between Master Uvirith and Master Aryon. Also, a new village in the Indoril (Mournhold) style complete with an Indoril embassy has cropped up; all because of Master Uvirith's newly signed alliance with Great House Indoril in return for funding, lots of it.

    Indarys Unleashed  by Michael 'HelioS' Bennett
    This mod adds a fourth stage of construction to all strongholds.

    Clean green uvirith expansion fixed by Neroli
    This plugin/mod turns the area around your telvanni stronghold at Uvirith's grave into a lush oasis surrounded by high hills and deep waters.

    Town of Uvirith  by Tapani_doe
    This is a mod for Telvanni characters. After the 3rd stage of your stronghold is finished, You'll find a strange man outside your tower. Here starts your quest for building your own town; Town of Uvirith.

    Village of Mora Uvirith  by Kosta51
    A mod which adds a village o�nly a stone's throw north of Uvirith's Grave. You will find a few homes, some traders, guard towers and an inn. There is also a ship to Vos and Tel Aruhn, so you won't have to walk all the way to Tel Uvirith anymore.

    Dark Uvirith Exterior  by Stuporstar
    This mod will change Tel Uvirith's exterior to use Kieve's Dark Telvanni meshes.

    Complex Additions

    LGNPC Tel Uvirith  by Ostar and the LGNPC team
    This makes the NPCs at Tel Uvirith (a Telvanni's stronghold) less generic by giving them unique dialogue. Also 11 other NPCs like Aryon and Divayth Fyr have new, unique dialogue, so it is usable by non-Telvanni PCs as well.

    Tel Uvirith  by Arcimaestro Antares
    This plugin modifies the inside of Tel Uvirith and the area around it,and adds some quests.

    Building Up Uvirith's Grave  by Acheron
    This mod allows Telvanni players to expand Tel Uvirith into a town which reflects the player's tastes and faction affiliations, with 20 construction options, both interior and exterior.

    Building Up Uvirith's Legacy  by Acheron and Artimis Fowl
    This is a variant of the above mod, which makes it compatible with every interior mod for Tel Uvirith.

    Magistrate Uvirith Revamped 2013  by Magistrate
    With this mod every major faction (Telvanni, Mages Guild, Fighters Guild and Thieves Guild) will provide a guards detachment and a Captain to protect your Tel Uvirith Stronghold, which has been totally revamped to make it fit for the true Nerevarine, adding several facilities, such as: Alchemy Lab, Master Bedroom, Personal Office, Grand Library, Throne Room, Weather Crystal Room, Personal Assistant Room, Display Room, Tower Sanctum, Secret Vault, Prison.

    Dark Town of Uvirith by Anonytroll
    Dark Town of Uvirith replaces the meshes of the Town of Uvirith with Kieve's darker version.

    Dark Uvirith Exterior for BuUG  by Stuporstar
    This mod makes the town from Building up Uvirith's Grave use the Dark Telvanni meshes.

    Tel Nevar  by Adjorr
    This mod replaces Tel Ulvrith with Tel Nevar, and adds a town, living quarters, apartments, a mage's guild, a dungeon, a Penthouse and moves the telvanni council house to just outside the stronghold.


    Great House Teleport Amulets  by Van Haggers
    Teleport amulets for all strongholds can be found in Seyda Neen.

    Stronghold Teleport Rings  by IcemanBobbyDrake
    One teleport ring is in a chest in the main room of each stronghold; Redoran, Hlaalu and Telvanni.

    Tel Uvirith Teleport  by Big Chief
    This plugin adds a ring that will teleport you to Tel Uvirith when equiped - found on Meldor's doorstep in Balmora.

    Alternative strongholds

    Tel Volorith  by Bravo 1
    An alternate Telvanni stronghold mod in a more secluded spot. Upon submitting the original construction contract, the player can build the new stronghold. It is a more secluded stronghold, located in the Azura's Coast Region to the east of Holamayan Monastery. The architecture consists of Dwemer and Telvanni pieces.

    Tel Sturdumz  by Dinmenel
    Tel Sturdumz is an alternate Telvanni stronghold situated North of Gnisis in and around the Dwemer ruin of Arkngthunch-Sturdumz. It is built in tandem with Tel Uvirith currently, so it will not appear until you have gone through the normal stronghold process. The stronghold is populated by a small but vibrant group of Telvanni retainers and slaves, all with customized dialogue. An enchanter and a smith handle what little work there is, and otherwise pursue their own projects.


    Sadrith Mora

    Wizard's Rest  by Gaius Atrius
    This housepod was designed with young, up-and-coming Telvanni players in mind, but can be used by anyone who would like a nice cozy home in Sadrith Mora. Features include an alchemy sorter that works with both expansions, and full Necessities of Morrowind Compatibility.

    Aryon's Retreat  by Nabron
    This mod adds a Telvanni-style manor to Sadrith Mora. Located near the Telvanni Council Hall, the manor provides a small but richly-appointed sanctuary for the aspiring Telvanni adventurer.

    Sadrith Mora House  by Death's Door
    This is a simple, two floor house located behind Tel Naga. Designed it as a place for a Telvanni Mage to start out, without anything too large or fancy. Made to blend in with and appear like other houses in the game.

    Telvanni Sadrith Mora House  by Itachi62
    This mod adds a house that is free in Sadrith Mora, near the merchants. It has a bed, a chest, a sack, a place to put your items on display with a small chest on it, a chair, a basket, and 3 crates.

    Telvanni Study Home  by HogOfDeath
    A small home is placed in Sadrith Mora, called the Telvanni Study Home. It is a nice place with a good bit of storage. This mod is not cheap and is well blanced for a low level character waiting for their Telvanni Stronghold

    Mansion and a yacht  by WULFBYTE
    A Telvanni style house with a dock, some storage space, a few interesting things.

    Tel Valanyon  by F�rst Bismarck
    Adds a new telvanni tower to Sadrith Mora when you get a stage 3 stronghold in House Telvanni.

    Vacant Telvanni Manor  by Aquatakat
    Adds a small manor-style house in Sadrith Mora, near Wolverine Hall. Not meant to be a big house mod, but an adequate house mod.

    Zimbamwi Tower  by Neo1334
    A grand Telvanni tower with tons of storage, guild guides and all what a Magelord would need.

    CS Telvanni Manor  by cs_studios
    Adds a house to Sadrith Mora (opposite the Morag Tong). Includes a servant who functions as a trainer/trader/spellmaker.

    Sadrith Mora, Telvanni Home  by Denina
    This places an Imperial-style house in Sadrith Mora behind Tel Naga. There's a back story as to why it is there, and it's because of the back story that it is Telvanni only. No one will even discuss the house unless you're a member of Telvanni.

    Telvanni housepod  by Fischer500
    This mod adds an abandoned Telvanni home for the player to live in. its on a hill near the Sadrith Mora docks.

    Tel Moonrar by
    This mod adds a large - and quite unique tower on an island, north-east from Sadrith Mora.

    Grand Quarters  by Grimmer
    Grand Quarters is a very simple mod that adds a small single room study for your storage or grand collection. The study is placed on the eastern side of Sadrith Mora.

    Tamriel Rebuilt

    Ranyon-ruhn Home  by trunksbomb
    A fully furnished medium-size house for the player to buy in the Telvanni town of Ranyon-Ruhn

    Llothanis Abode  by Mr. Versipellis
    This mod adds a little housepod to the town which you can buy for 500-1000 Drakes, depending on your faction.

    Other Locations

    Tel Achufaer  by WhiteWing/SirToug
    A little bit of a cross between a telvanni stronghold and a Dwemer observatory. Both the exterior and interiors are intertwined in these two styles. Located NW from Tel Aruhn.

    Telvanni Tower  by xZen
    This is a plugin which adds a large (on outside) Telvanni Tower on top of the Moesring Mountains, near the ship on the land, in the Solstheim Land.

    Journey's End - The Abode for Morrowind  by Lochnarus
    Journey's End is a large Telvanni/Indoril-inspired estate located On the very southeastern tip of Vvardenfell, very close to the Shrine of Azura, with fast boat travel to and from Tel Branora, Sadrith Mora. The island that Journey's End is located on is filled with plant containers of all types to ensure that you never run out of ingredients for alchemical purposes.

    Waistwork Apartments  by NukeouT
    This mod adds 3 nearly identical apartments to each HouseWaistwork in Vivec. They are all nicely furnished, and go toe to toe with the overal game theme. There is an apartment in Redoran, Hlaalu, and Telvanni waistworks.

    Vos, Vacant Apartment  by Prince Maethis
    Adds a vacant Telvanni apartment above the temple in Vos.

    Arryn Manor  by HamsterCorp
    A medium-size house in Tel Mora

    Tel Magus  by Aragon
    A beautiful Telvanni style tower that is great for mages and fighters alike! On the one hand, it is a grand house with an indoor tree spanning over four floors, but at the same time it has a cozy and rustic atmosphere. Available in the Grazelands or near Ebonheart.

    Morrowind Crafting Houses  by Drac
    This mod adds a few unfurnished houses for the player to buy, one of them is a Telvanni Manor near Vos.

    Serene Tower of Tel Branora  by Ravensong
    The tower is a mage's ideal, constructed in Telvanni style The interior has every amenity a mage would require from hi-capacity containers to the multi-leveled laboratory. Many more wonders. See readme for more info and install directions.

    Telvanni Manor in Tel Branora  by Ravensong
    A lovely Telvanni manor house at the entrance of Tel Branora, this dwelling offers nicely decorated accomodations which include a a truly quaint master bedroom with adjacent library/laboratory, a dining area, and a storage room with very generous size chests.

    Your Own Televani Manor  by starwarsguy9875
    The mod adds a Telvani Manor to the Ascadian Isles Region south of Ebonheart on an island. The island has some trees, the manor, and a firepit. Inside the house there is a firepit on the main floor. And six barrels for storage. On the second floor, there is a chest, a telvani crystal coming out of the wall, and a large telvani crystal-rock in the center of the room. Bar stools surround it.

    Home  by Donselaar
    A Ice house made by a Telvanni wizzard, begin your search in Seyda neen for the land deed.

    Living Tower  by iamnone (aka doubledeviant)
    This mod places a unique Telvanni-style tower in the Ascadian Isles Region. This living tower can be used as a house by any character able to levitate.

    Vos Apartment  by Nathaniel Wolfzen Schrader
    Adds a new home to Vos w/toggle-able lights (light switch style). Well suited for vampire/mage/dark characters, since it's very dark when its dark, and the entire color theme of the place can changed with a few colored lanterns/candles.


    Aged Cephalopod Armor  by Mr_Malcontent
    This plugin contains a set of black bonemold/Cephalopod based light armor & clothing to be found near the shore in Sadrith Mora.
    Image Image

    Telvanni Robe   by MP*Canus
    For the discerning magic-user who doesn't wish to look like a pansy in a pink and yellow robe, comes the Tevanni Robe! Made by Telvanni-owned slaves in a hidden sweatshop, these robes combine the finest materials and workmanship you'll find anywhere in Morrowind. Ready to enchant at finer clothiers across Vvardenfell!

    Female Telvanni Robe  by CanadianIce
    A female version of MP*Canus' robe.

    Archmagister's Robe  by Fulgrymm
    An enchanted version of the above mentioned robe, which the player can get by killing Gothren.

    Epid's Archmagister's Robe  by Epididamus
    This small mod adds a retextured robe into the game for the Archmagister of House Telvanni. You receive it from Aryon after you defeat Gothren.

    House Raiments  by Astion
    This mod adds a set of clothes for every Great House, Telvanni included.

    Books of Vvardenfell by Stuporstar
    This is a simple mod that adds over 50 new books to Morrowind - many of which are useful to a Telvanni and at least one is tied directly with the Great House.
    Image Image

    Blade of Telvanni by Adammelo
    Adds a new sword along with a bladeguard to the top of the Tel Mora tower outside the top door

    shv Mouth Teleport  by shiva7663
    This plugin adds a useful teleport script to the Telvanni Silver Staffs of Peace, War and Hunger. Activates when the player reaches the rank of Mouth in Great House Telvanni. Adds Stronghold teleport when Stage Two complete.

    A Layman's Vice  by Dagoth Eater
    This simple adds a new scripted amulet to the game intended for anyone trying to raise their standing in the great house(s). It has the ability to transport you to any of 6 places (three Council Chambers and the plazas of the Great House Cantons in Vivec).

    Gyro's Ring of Flying  by Jason A. Parker
    This mod was written to add a new method of fast travel for telvanni as they gain rank. Being powerful in magic, I thought there should be some way for a telvanni to travel rapidly and easily to multiple locations, but that it still should be inconvenient to obtain. When you've finished your stronghold, a teleport to there will also be added. Remember also that great power places a great weight and stress on the person weilding it, be warned...

    Wizardly Staves Redon HTW by Mithrandir (Meusnoorn)
    Adds the option to wield staffs in you off-hand, it's a bad shield, but the enchantment is really good. If you rank up in House Telvanni or the Mages Guild you can unlock up to 8 devensive staves that shield you and increase your max magicka while held.

    Telvanni Clothes  by mplantinga
    A full set of clothing, which benefits increase in power as the wearer rises through the ranks of the Great House Telvanni. With these clothes, even the unarmored can become feared Telvanni Wizards.

    Misc Mods

    Big Mod
    Archmagister's Privileges both by Arcimaestro Antares
    Archmagister's Privileges is included in the Big Mod, adds new options for any Telvanni rank Mouth or higher, including promoting other members, expelling them, teaching spells and disciplines and much more.

    Sadrith Mora Closed City  by The Bloodthirsty Crustacean
    Makes Sadrith Mora an off-limits city to non-Telvanni, as it is frequently described in game. Either join House Telvanni, or purchase Hospitality Papers from the Gateway Inn to enter the city. Complete with town wall and a boat transport between SM docks and Wolverine Hall.

    Hospitality papers  by Quorn
    This plug-in requires non-Telvanni players to have the Hospitality papers in their inventory to receive any services in Sadrith Mora from the Telvanni.

    LGNPC Project - Tel Mora  by The LGNPC Team
    Completely unique dialogue for every topic for every NPC inTel Mora, complete with a dozen quests.

    Passive Tel Vos Daedra  by Plangkye
    This mod replaces the hostile spawn points in Tel Vos' towers with three named Daedra (a Scamp, a Clannfear, and a Dremora) who will not attack you - except the Dremora, who gives fair warning first.

    Shock Centurion Companion  by Vorwoda the Black
    This mod upgrades and enhances the Centurion given by Baladas Demnevanni as a reward for his quest.

    Upgradeable Shock Centurion  by Dormouse
    This mod installs an advanced AI Module into the Shock Centurion the player can receive from Baladas.

    Tel Xan  by Coldwynn Frost
    Adds a huge shipping port with many other features.
    Image Image Image

    Atronach Expansion  by Melchior
    This mod adds several new atronachs - both as enemies and summons, which you can buy in Tel Branora.
    Image Image

    Dracandros' Voice  by Dracandros
    Allows you to command NPCs based on your rank and faction.

    Join All Houses  by Heph, fix by Fukuro
    This allows you to join all three Great Houses and earn all three strongholds -Hlaalu, Redoran and Telvanni.

    Telvanni Racist Guards  by Vagor
    Adds a response, unless you're an Argonian, when you're arrested by a Telvanni Guard, which lets you tell them that it wasn't you, but an Argonian. You'll have to pay a little bit, but won't have to return stolen goods.

    Minor Fixes  by Eisenfaust
    Changes Telvanni Guards skills to be more apropriate.

    Dark Telvanni Construction Set by Kieve
    A new tileset composed of nearly EVERY Telvanni mesh included with TESCS. This includes some meshes never used in-game. Some matching flora included, to complete the look.

    Tel Denim  by Sabian a.k.a Teamvelothi
    the Tel Denim mod adds a telvanni occupied Dwemer Ruin on the slopes of Red Mountain.

    Ttamitorche City  by The_Blind_Modder
    Adds a Telvanni town located SE of Nchleft ruins.

    Tel Autochthon  by NewtC
    This is a mod that adds a huge telvanni tower to the game. It is a work in progress version. The quest is still not complete, but is extended.

    Telvanni Stage  by RedZombie125
    A modder's resource adding a Telvanni-style stage.

    Telvanni Wellpod  by Nicholiathan
    A modder's resource adding a Telvanni-style well

    Telvanni meshes  by Karpik777
    Adds some new models for use with the Telvanni tileset.

    Ultimate Vivec - Telvanni Canton  by GottVivec and Boby
    This mod redesigns Vivec's Telvanni Canton usign the Telvanni tileset.

    Vivc Open Cantons  by Degor
    This mod redesigns Vivec's cantons usign the tilesets of the Great Houses (including Telvanni).

    Telvanni Vault Extended  by Serenia
    This mod expands the Telvanni Vault, adding more loot and guards

    [url=[/url]  by RWH
    This mod adds an alchemist shop near Tel Branora's docks, where the player can buy several new potions and elixirs (custom textures included!)

    [url=[/url]  by RWH
    This mod adds an alchemist in Tel Mora, where the player can buy several new potions and elixirs (custom textures included!) and even help the owner in a small task.

    NazoX9's Guards  by NazoX9  (Telvanni-only version)
    This mod will replace the static guards with levelled list spawns, allowing for a large visual variety.

    More Detailed Places - Sadrith Mora  by Ragox
    More Detailed Places, short MDP aims to add more atmosphere to specific places.

    Sadrith Mora Merchant  by inkog92
    This mod adds a restocking merchant in Sadrith Mora who can sell you all types of soul gems, and a fair number of ingredients

    Fighter's Guild Rebuild in SM  by Gforcebond
    This mod allows the construction of a new guild hall for the Fighter's Guild in Sadrith Mora, which involves some quests.

    Sadrith Mora Docks  by cdethier
    This expands the docks of Sadrith Mora, for purely aesthetic purposes, making it look more like the port it should be.

    Texture & Model Replacers

    Global texturepacks

    Darker Morrowind  by Michael Bennett
    Image Image

    A Mix of Textures  by Tealpanda
    Image Image

    Vibrant Morrowind 4.0  by Skydye

    Visual Pack  by Ayse, Lord Gabryael, Qarl, Raptre & Zuldazug
    Image Image

    Fantasy Colour
    Image Image

    Mixed textures  by Duncan Imrryran
    Image Image

    Texturepacks for Telvanni architecture

    Telvanni Texture Replacer  by Shannon
    Image Image

    Hi-Res Telvanni Textures  by Plangkye
    Image Image

    Telvanni Texture Replacer  by Carnajo
    Image Image Image Image

    Alternate Telvanni Textures  by Chibimala
    Image Image

    Telvanni Shrooms  by Kieve
    Image Image

    Connary's Great Houses - Telvanni
    Image Image

    Connary's Miscellanea - Crystals
    Image Image


    Telvanni Exterior UV Fix  by Plangkye
    Corrects the UV mapping on Telvanni exterior models
    Image Image

    Unique Finery Replacer  by Alaisiagae
    Gives most special and unique belts, rings, and amulets new, unique meshes. Also, some unique robes, gloves, and shoes have new textures, too.

    Custom Rats  by Ghoul
    Retextures the rats, including a white albino version for those found in the Telvanni Canton.

    Crystal glow fix
    Mod adds a glow effect to the crystals and the Council House.
    Image Image

    You might also want to look through the Mage Mod List - especcially the new spells section.


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