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    Mod Recommendations For New Players

    by Pluto

    The popularity of this post on the Bethesda Forums has prompted it to be posted here, where it can be archived for future references if needed.

    New to Morrowind? New to mods? Recently re-installed?
    Are you looking for some ideas on what type of mods to add to your new installation of Morrowind?
    You don't need to start a new thread, just look here.

    First, check the Pinned Thread FAQ at the Bethesda Forums if you're a complete newby to mods.
    Second, read through some of the long-trusted sites to see what others have spent years compiling and many of your questions on what mods exist will already be answered.

    Too much reading, I just want the essentials!

    Wait, that's it?
    Yup, that's about the only thing everyone can agree is essential. Everything else is your personal taste.
    The patches are still updated regularly, be sure you have the most recent version.

    How do I find the best mods?
    Planet Elder Scrolls, TESNexus, and ElricM are the main sites for mods.
    There are no "best" mods, although you can see the mods listed at PES or TESNexus in order of popularity. Note that some great mods don't appear at the top of the popularity lists.

    I need a specific type of mod, like Quests!... or Ninja Robots.
    You can easily search PES and TESNexus by category, like "Race" or "Quests" and also by specific words, like "ninja robot."
    ES Search will search through many sites at once for you, making it the best search tool to use for finding any type of mod, even if you're unsure of what the mod is named.

    [!]And don't forget the lists mentioned above, which often list mods by category. (eg: There are lists specifically created for picking House Mods, Landmass Mods, Evil Mods, etc.)

    I need better graphics!!!
    Probably the best place to start is the List of Needed Graphics thread. It's very current and concise, that also includes a section on MGE links.
    Another great thread is the GRAPHICS thread.
    Here you will find many links to many new textures available, and lots of information on using mods in general.
    Separated into categories:

    [!]If you use Better Bodies you'll be wanting some better heads to match, so there is the handy NPC Head Replacer Comparison thread.

    You can also manually search through the Textures section on PES, HERE, to find many of the excellent replacers that improve the visuals.

    A large list of World Texture replacers can also be found at here at the TES3 Mod section of the wiki.
    Thepal's Texture Replacer Comparison and X-Calibar's Comparison Charts are both very good ways to see world textures compared.

    [!]And, of course, Morrowind Graphic Extender (and there is always a current MGE thread at the Bethesda Forums in the Morrowind section)

    What common mistakes should I avoid?
    • Don't just randomly add every mod that looks cool! Take your time choosing and adding mods, making sure each one has been installed correctly before moving on. Avoid mods that will obviously conflict with each other.
    • Don't ignore the ReadMe! Mods usually come with text documents that explain certain criteria on how to use the mod properly. Read the instructions, and follow them! Asking a question that has been explained in the ReadMe is annoying to everyone.
    • Don't blame the mod! Chances are the mod works just fine, but you made a mistake during installation or the mod has special instructions that you neglected. Slow down and read a tutorial.
    • Read the ReadMe... Again! Seriously.
    • Learn how to merge your Leveled List, clean a mod, and sort your Load Order! There are great tools (see below) to help you do these things. Neglecting to learn about these things will quickly cause problems for your game.

    [!]Need more info on Leveled Lists, Load Order, GMSTs?? Read through Basic Knowledge from the Starting with Mods site.

    What important tools do I need?
    (Be sure to read all documentation on these tools before you start messing around with them, they can be confusing at first)

    Wrye Mash: For your own sake, learn to use it! Wrye Mash has everything you need to keep your mods in order and your Saves clean, along with the very important leveled list merger called Mashed Lists. Most answers given for any questions relating to your mod problems will assume that you have Wrye Mash installed.
    The Wrye Mash online document has all the info on how to use it.
    Trouble installing Mash? Use the Wrye Python installer to automatically install the needed Python programs.
    There is also a new Wrye Mash Stand Alone Version that doesn't require any messing with Python.

    TESTool: Great for cleaning ESPs/ESMs of the Evil GMSTs. Has the handy Merged Object function, but avoid using its Merged Dialog/Leveled Lists, and the JUST FIX IT button seems to cause more problems that it solves. Wrye Mash is best at fixing problems.
    Escog is another easy to use tool for removing bad GMSTs.

    Mlox: Use Mlox to check for plugin dependencies and conflicts, and to sort your plugins into an optimal load order.

    FPS Optimizer: Not a tool for mod help, but a handy utility that runs behind MW to boost performance. Very popular and works with MGE. You don't have to launch MW from it, as long as it's running it will do its thing. (Version 1.96 is the preferred version, since there have been well documented problems with Version 2)

    [!]There are many other tools out there, TESPCD, Enchanted Editor, etc. But the ones mentioned above is all that a beginner will need.

    What if I have problems with my modded game?
    If you need to start a thread because you can't find a specific answer to your Warnings, mod conflicts or strange behaviour caused by mods, here are some tips for providing the correct info needed to get help.
    • Post your Load Order:
      Open Wrye Mash and highlight your Save. Right click on the 'File' header in the lower right hand box, and select Copy List. You can now paste that list in your thread or Notepad.
    • Post your Mod List:
      If you don't have Mash yet, open your Morrowind.ini file, found in your main Morrowind Folder, and scroll to the bottom. Copy/paste the entire list of mods under the [Game Files] heading.
    • Post your Warning.txt file:
      All the Warnings you encounter, in-game or upon start up, will be listed in a text file in your main Morrowind Folder. Copy/paste that for us to see.
    • Use Mlox and post the output:
      If you've used Mlox on your list of mods but are not sure what to do next, copy/paste the text that Mlox produced for you.

    [!]Be clear in describing your problems, there are many mods out there and no one has seen every possible conflict.
    [!]Problems related to MGE should only be posted in the current MGE thread.

    What else do I need?
    Patience and Common Sense. Slow down and think about how you want to alter your gaming experience.
    For unpacking mods after download you'll need to unzip them. WinRAR, WinACE or 7Zip (among others)
    A Fishystick?

    You will never need money or credit cards, as all mods must always be free. Some sites require that you register, but that is also free.
    Bethesda released eight Official Plug-ins for Morrowind, they are free and can be found Here.


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